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The Best Womens Motorcycle Helmets

Whether you have been riding motorcycles for a long time or you are just getting started, choosing a helmet for your head if you are a female is the same sort of process, from a safety and fit perspective, as it is for a male.

women's motorcycle helmetsThe key tips to fitting women’s motorcycle helmets correctly are – once someone places the helmet on your head, if they then try to move it from one side to the next, your head should go with the helmet and there should be no space for movement at all. However, the helmet should not be so tight that it gives you a headache from the pressure of the fit.

Similarly, if someone tries to move the helmet up and down, your head should move with the helmet. The helmet should not be able to slip around your head at all. The chin strap should make the helmet feel secure on your head (like it is not going anywhere) and at the same time, you should not feel like your circulation or windpipe is getting cut off.

Now, if you already know the sizing and fit, the look of the helmet really comes down to your own personal style.

When my girlfriend started riding, she really did not want to be noticed on her bike until she gained confidence handling and riding her bike. She was happy to ‘ride under the radar’, as she called it and just wanted a simple look that did not draw extra attention. She chose her first helmet based on a relatively simple style and neat fit – she went with a HJC Virgo Women’s CL on road motorcycle helmet.

This was her first helmet and it was comfortable, fitted her well and was a great helmet to start her off in the world of motorcycle riding. The HJC Virgo helmets are well
reviewed (receive 4.5 stars/out of 5) on most helmet sites and are very durable, meaning they will last a long time. (On a personal note, I think she looked great in this helmet).

The HJC Virgo helmets are also very popular helmet choice amongst female riders, mostly for on road riding. They come in a few colors and graphic selections and meet all the safety standards. Just whilst we are on standards, there are 2 standards that you want your helmet to meet – they are the SNELL and the DOT standards. For further information, go to helmet standards which explains why these standards and guidelines are important.

After 2 years with the HJC helmet, my girl moved on to the women's motorcycle helmetsScorpion Orchid.  Now these are a very nice helmet, they are a bit more pricey, but if you love riding, and you have a sense that you are in it for the long term, then you should give this helmet some serious consideration. women's motorcycle helmetswomen's motorcycle helmets

These helmets are one of the best on the market today. They are a extremely popular helmet choice amongst females who like riding a lot, and like a clean sleek look. To give you an insight, here is what my girl said she liked about wearing her Scorpion helmet (in her words)-

  • It is a lot more comfortable for my head, and it is lighter, and after a long ride, it is still nice and light. DO NOT buy a heavy helmet- it is exhausting for your neck and you will get tired of riding quickly- meaning you will only want to pop out for a short ride, and yet, some of the best fun and the most amazing sites to see are on the longer rides.
  • I am not always the most gentle on my helmets, and this one has a scratch resistant coating, so it always looks new and clean, which I like.Women's motorcycle helmets
  • The chin strap is really secure without being too tight, it doesn’t feel like I am going to choke
  • My head does not get hot in it because it has really good air vents and at the same time, it does not get cold.
  • I like the look, I feel confident and like a more professional motorcycle rider. I can keep up with the guys and I feel great wearing it.

It needs to be said that, if you like bright colors, and want a serious looking helmet with some high-viz graphics, then you are also well catered for. If you want look at more helmets, click here for Women’s Motorcycle Helmets

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