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Womens’ Motorcycle Helmets

Womens' motorcycle helmets

Below we have listed quality womens’ motorcycle helmets.

They are all DOT and Snell certified and quality helmets.

HelmetDescriptionDOT and/or Snell CertifiedWeight
Average Rating
Out of /5 Stars
More Details

Brand: Gmax
Model: G178406 TC-14
Color: Firestarter Black and Pink Graphics
Size: Large
A lightweight thermo-plastic ploy alloy shell. It has a 3 stage LED rear light (on, flashing slow or flashing fast) for safety. Top, side and rear ventilation system reducing fog, and allowing heat and humidity to escape from mouth and top of head. A large eye-pot for improved range of vision and excellent shield sealing reduces noise and unwanted air. Removable inner liner and cheek pads and a inner flip shield which can be raised or lowered with a level located on outside of helmet.
DOT Certified6.64.5 / 5More details!
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Brand: Speed and Strength
Model: To The Nines Womens SS700 Street Motorcycle Helmet
Color: Black & Silver
Size: Medium
Good Ventilation System, All Clear Sight System, Anti-Scratch System, Anti-Fog, UV Resistant Faceshield, Speed Strap Quick Release
DOT Certified (exceeds DOT standards)4.54.5 / 5More details!
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Brand: Speed and Strength
Model: SS650 Solid Speed 3/4 Helmet
Color: Matte Black
Size: Small
Features: This is a 3/4 helmet with a huge field of vision with its open face style. The faceshield ratchets or moves up and down smoothly depending on riding preference and weather conditions. Has a sun-shield which is easy to reach to move down for convenience.
DOT Certified (exceeds DOT standards)2.04.8 / 5More details!
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Brand: Bell
Model: Women's Vortex Monarch helmet
Color: Pink graphics on a black base
Size: Medium
Great ventilation system with flow adjust for maximum stability and temperature control. It is made from a lightweight polycarbonate alloy shell with contour cheek pads made from stacked foam. Removable anti-bacterial interior comfort liner. There is a padded wind collar for comfort which reduces windroad noise. Integrated speaker pockets for audio-speakers. Anti-fog, anti-scratch and UV protected shield. A padded chin strap.
DOT Certified45 / 5More details!
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Brand: HJC Helmets
Model: HJC CL-17 Mystic
Color: Purple and Grey
Size: Small
This is a lightweight helmet made out of polycarbonate. It has an anti-scratch faceshield with a Pinlock system.. Its new 3D design provides 95% UV protection and it has a side shield locking mechanism for a extra secure seal. The cheek pads are removable and the liner is made of an anti-bacterial fabric. The airflow works through a advanced channeling system flushing heat and humidity up and out.
DOT and Snell Certified5 5 / 5 More details!
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There are still a few more female helmets that you may want to consider, and of course, it really comes back to what you want your helmet for. This article is mostly based on the helmets for on-road riding. If you want to look at more adventurous riding, check out our related posts on helmets for Adventure touring, sports bike riding, dual sport helmets, sport touring and the cruiser.

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