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What Are The Best Bluetooth Headphones To Wear With A Motorcycle Helmet?

Best Motorcycle bluetooth headset

What Are The Best Bluetooth Headphones To Wear With A Motorcycle Helmet?

best bluetooth headphones

Riding a motorcycle is tons of fun by itself, however, it could be a little more fun than it already is.

How’s that? You ask.

Well, how about sweetening your ride with your favorite music or chatting with other riders via intercom. Well, a pair of the best bluetooth headphones is all you need. A pair of Wireless Bluetooth headphones.

There is a wide variety of Bluetooth headphones on the market. Therefore, we’ve decided to make your work that much easier by relaying the best Bluetooth headphones, that’ll give you a lovely musical experience on your next ride.

List of the Best Bluetooth Headphones

SENA SMH10R Blutooth Headphone
UCLEAR HBC200 Dual Force Bluetooth Intercom
Cardo Scala Rider Q3
– SENA 3S-B Bluetooth Headphone- Boom Microphone
– Interphone F5XT Wireless Headset
– SENA 3S-W Bluetooth Headphone. Wired Microphone
SENA SMH5-02 Bluetooth Headphone
– Interphone F5MC Blutooth Stereo Intercom

What To Consider When Purchasing Bluetooth Headphones

helmet headset sound quality

– How’s the sound quality? Riding a motorcycle generates a great deal of wind noise, therefore you’ll need to purchase a system that creates enough volume and is fitted with noise reduction technology. A great example is the audio booster that is accommodated in the SENA headsets. Another recommendation is the use of earplugs, which aids in eliminating more of the wind noise leaving only the sound.

– How do they stay on your ears? Different helmet headphones have varying designs of how they fit on your motorcycle helmet. Some are built to be inserted into the helmet’s ear pads. Others use adhesive to attach to the inner wall of the helmet. Some require a clamp to grip onto the helmet. Still others are designed with a thin headband that sits snugly under the helmet.

helmets with speakers
waterproof headphones

– Are they waterproof? Since you’ll be quite often exposed to snowy and rainy weather while riding, it’s prudent to get a system that’s waterproof. The easiest way to know if the units are waterproof, is to inquire if they meet IP66 waterproof standards. If they do, you’re good to go. But you could as well perform a physical test just to be certain.

– Do you need a microphone? If your music player doubles up as your phone, it’s wise to acquire a Wireless headset with a fitted microphone. This enables you to easily pick your phone calls without having to necessarily take off your helmet.

best headsets for motorcycle helmets

– How durable is the headset’s battery life? Most Bluetooth headphones claim long battery life. Using all the headset features at a go will tend to reduce the battery time, however, the best Bluetooth headphones rarely go below 6 hours on a single charge. Of the best Bluetooth headphones, SENA units are regarded to have the longest run time and typically go all day without issue.

Top 3 Bluetooth Headphones Reviews

1. Sena SMH10R
This unit incorporates slimline technology and convenience and of most significance, it’ll work with any helmet. The SMH10R packs Bluetooth 3.0 technology which provides long range Bluetooth intercom among other rich features such as calling hands-free, listening to stereo music (crystal clear and natural sound quality) or GPS voice instructions wirelessly, and having intercom conversations with other riders. This unit has universal intercom which allows for interconnection and pairing to other brands of Wireless headsets. Also its firmware is upgradable and it comes with a two year warranty.

This Bluetooth headphone features Boomless ABF Technology, while introducing Multi-Hop Technology (military-developed technology) and Super Group Intercom. Multi- Hop communication extender allows up to 10 users to connect via Bluetooth intercom. The Multi-Hop technology extends intercom range up to four miles and enables non-line-of-sight connections. It is extra convenient as it does way with a microphone close to your mouth, alternatively having it in the earpiece. This system also promises home hi-fi standard audio quality as you ride.

3. Cardo Scala Rider Q3
The Cardo Scala Rider headsets packs AGC technology and VOX activation as its unique features. AGC technology allows for self-adjusting speaker volume control depending on your riding speed and ambient noise. VOX activation ensures you make and answer intercom and phone calls without taking your hands off the motorbike’s handlebars. This system also features music sharing, where the rider and passenger can listen to same stereo music. Also it has spontaneous Click-to-Link intercom connection which overrides the need for pairing before sharing.

In summary, to get the best Bluetooth headphones for your use, it’s smart to pick your most important features of those listed above and select which wireless headset best suits your desire.

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