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Safety Standards For Motorcycle Helmets

safety standards for motorcycle helmets

Safety Standards For Motorcycle Helmets

Before you begin shopping for helmets, it is important that you know what features of the helmet meet the minimum standards.

The Department of Transportation (known as DOT) tests and labels motorcycle products to notify consumers which equipment is safe to wear while riding.

If a helmet has been SNELL Certified, it’s passed the highest level of impact testing. Generally you can tell which ones have passed DOT and SNELL because they will have these safety standard stickers attached to the helmet.

But be aware that there are some less than honest people out there that may buy SNELL and DOT stickers and apply them to a helmet that is not certified or meeting safety standards.

If you are buying a new helmet, check with the manufacturer, and if it is a 2nd hand helmet, jump online and do your research. Using the make and model of the helmet, you should be able to find out if the stickers are genuine or fake.

Do not rely solely on the stickers to indicate if the  has passed the DOT guidelines and SNELL certification.

How To Check A Helmet Has Passed DOT And SNELL Requirements

1. Check that the helmet has a thick inner liner with impact absorption.

2. Does the chin strap fit correctly even after rough movement. i.e. put the helmet on and move the helmet around on your  head as much as possible. Does the chin strap keep the helmet in place? When a helmet is strapped to your head it must remain level and secure at all times.

For more information on the safety standards requirements, go to SNELL Certified and DOT Guidelines.

DOT Sticker

DOT guidelines

Snell Certified

Snell certified helmet

Visible Certification On A Helmet

DOT and Snell certified helmets

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