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The Comfort and Safety in Open Face Helmets

open face helmets

When you are looking to purchase a type of motorcycle helmet, it would be best to find out the available options. If you are a person who spends much time riding your bike, your helmet will play a big part in your experiences in riding. Your helmet should be comfortable and suitable for long rides and the helmet should fit you well.

Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

Helmet DOT ApprovedRating

VCAN V528 Milano European

66 reviews


12 reviews

Shoei RJ Platinum

5 reviews

The most important factor relating to any helmet, including open face helmets is that the helmet must offer you with safety. Open face helmets are able to provide comfort, safety, durability and fit your head well. These helmets are known for offering excellent coverage and even if you are involved in an accident the helmet will protect you. The way the helmet is designed, means that the top and the sides of your head are fully protected. This adds in a beneficial safety factor that no matter how and which way you fall your head is protected from all angles.

open face helmetsOpen faced helmets feature advanced technology in the interior of the helmet; you can choose from an array of colors and designs while the interior will always feature a hard shell for your ultimate protection. The interior consists of foam that has been densely packed which offers an excellent shock absorber on impact. This will mean your helmet will take the hardness of the fall and not your skull or brain in an accident.

Open face helmets offer various comfort features, such as cooling your face on those really hot summer days, by allowing the wind to hit your face. On cooler or rainy days you have the option to drop down the face shield in order to protect your face and eyes. The interior features a comfort padding with water wicking to ensure your face and your head always stays comfortable and dry.

When you invest in an open face helmet you can be sure of comfort, style and protection while not restricting you like some closed faced helmets. These helmets are a perfect choice if you are one of those individuals who do not enjoy the restrictions a helmet places on the head and face.

Open Face Helmet Preferences

Open face helmets are suitable for both women and men and can also go by the name of three quarter helmets. There are a multitude of configurations to choose from and are suitable for all types of riders including: quad runners, terrain vehicles and motorcyclists. All open face types of helmets will have a hard exterior shell which can be made from carbon fiber, strong plastic or Kevlar. The helmet is designed to fully cover the back of the riders head.

The helmets are designed to fit the head in a snug way and can be adjusted with the use of a handy chinstrap. Some of the helmets available will feature an added benefit of a visor, while others may not have the visor and then it would be advisable to invest in a good pair of goggles to protect the eyes.

Open face motorcycle helmets can be customized to the rider’s preferences, such as snaps. This means you can buy accessories that you can snap onto your helmet and you can interchange them. You may even be interested in the helmets that feature snap on visors, shields or goggles. Some of these helmets even come with microphone or speakers which are useful for communicating with other individuals that are riding on the same journey with you. Custom skins are another option to really personalize your riding helmet to suit your personality.

Another helmet that shares many similarities to the open face helmets is called half helmets. These helmets usually have no face shield and will not cover the entire skull area. Be sure you choose a helmet that fits your head well and you feel safe and protected when riding.

Your helmet is just as important as your motorcycle and choosing the right one can even mean that you prevent unforeseen circumstances such as permanent brain injuries or damage from an inferior helmet. Choose your color and style, as the possibilities are endless with open face helmets available on the market today.

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