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Motorcycle Safety When Riding In Rain Storms

motorcycle safety in bad weather

Riding in the rain has never a big draw card for me nor my friends who ride. Getting drenched in cold rain, poor visibility and slippery road conditions does not make for a enjoyable ride at all. Motorcycle safety in bad weather is extremely important not only for you as a rider, but also other vehicles or pedestrians on the road.

I have, like most, been caught out in massive unexpected downpour. I remember the time I was out in Minnesota touring once by myself.

motorcycle riding in bad weather

What started out a beautiful day turned into hard diagonal rain within 50 minutes. Boy, didn’t I pay!

I thought I had a particular turned nailed, my Ducati had different ideas.
As a result of some serious asphalt love, I learnt – there is a definitive art to staying vertical in the wet.

Starting with your wet weather gear – get yourself a Hi-Viz Gore-Tex wet weather suit, or a Hi-Viz jacket like the one picture below…and keep it on you.
It’s waterproof and will keep you dry and visible through most weather situations.

Now, you and I both don’t need to be meteorologist’s to know the roads’ going to be a different surface and beast to master in the wet.

It’s going to be slippery.

Any residue oil or grease, spills, dirt, road marking lines, metal grates, manholes, puddles (shallow or deep) they are going to be potential challenges so be ready for them.

One of my friends Jack, whose in the military, taught me the phrase
‘Perfect Preparation Prevents P**s Poor Performance”, and he is so right.

Next – something I learnt from my pop “always check your tires Son ‘cause the wrong tires will make the wrong decisions for you every time”.

My pop, the wise old man he was, was a bit of a mad rider himself.

He was always tinkering around bike and car engines and was a stickler for having the right tires on for the conditions.

So in the wet, avoid the slicks and go for something like a set of Michelin Pilot Road 3.

They suit my Ducati 848, and are also good for the likes of a CBR600, the VFR’s, ZX14.

Next – Eyes Up!

Even as a 7 yr old trying to hold up my pop’s old bike and take it for a spin when he was still at work, I knew the importance of those words.

In the wet, they hold an even greater importance.

Eyes up and be aware.

waterproof headphones

When I’m going out for a ride – I think about my path way ahead and I extend the planning out some more when the weather has turned sour.

Last things which I’m sure you would also think are basic common sense.

Go slower in the wet.

Brake sooner than you normally would.

And if the weather is really kickin’ up a stink, get off the road.

Find some shelter and wait it out, especially if there is lightening.

Don’t risk it. Motorcycle safety in bad weather cannot only save your life but also those who you are sharing the road with.

It is not worth your life nor your motorcycle.

Keep safe so you can enjoy your riding for years to come.

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