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Motorcycle Helmets with Speakers

helmets with speakers

Motorcycle Helmets and Speakers

Wearing regular headphones under a riding helmet can be bothersome and dangerous for you and the people around you as it muffles outside sounds (from cars and emergency vehicles.)

The speakers that you commonly use while riding should provide you with more comfort and allow you to hear other Helmet with speakersmodes of transportation within your environment for safety reasons.

Motorcycle helmets offering speakers usually have a built-in Bluetooth that improves your audio abilities while allowing you to hear other noises.

Below is a list of the highest rated motorcycle helmets with speakers.

HelmetDot ApprovedRating

O'Neal Fastrack II with Bluetooth

67 Reviews

TORC T10B Prodigy with Blinc 2.0 Stereo Bluetooth Technology
YesNot Yet Rated

Tork X2 Stereo Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

21 Reviews

Sena SMH10-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset/Intercom

80 Reviews

There are Bluetooth speaker kits that can be purchased and installed easily into any helmet. They offer different functionalities such as GPS, mobile calls and communication with other riders.

The majority of these speaker products can be installed in little under an hour. It is by far one of the most convenient and enjoyable accessories you can use while riding your motor bike.

After investing in the kit, the first thing you’ll need to do is attach the headset clamp and position it in your helmet so that the mic is placed comfortably.

The motorcycle helmet speakers will need to be installed with care so that they don’t damage the internal head or cheek padding. To check the placement of the set put on your helmet multiple times to ensure its convenient position.

Guide to Buying Bluetooth Speakers

There are some biker enthusiasts who have chosen this hobby because they enjoy the feeling of free traveling. Although short rides are enjoyable, long trips can be a bit overwhelming if the rider isn’t properly equipped.

This accessory makes it easy for motorcyclists to stay connected to their riding partners safely without removing their helmet. These types of devices are quickly replacing other short-range forms of communication.

Having one of these installed can keep you connected, allow you to listen to your favorite songs and increase communication with passengers as long as they are within a reasonable distance.

Helmets with speakers can be used to connect to any Bluetooth devices. It takes no time to install and you can begin using them on your rides immediately.

The set has the capability to connect to any MP3 player, computer, video game console and it can also function as a GPS system. As long as the rider makes sure that the equipment they are connecting to is within a decent range, they can enjoy the features the device has to offer.

There are many accessories that also have a boom mic attached that can be installed in an open-face or flip helmet. Other sets are designed for full-face helmets. Even though the speakers take batteries they tend to last for longer periods of time.

Purchasing Pre-Installed Motorcycle Helmets with Speakers

There is equipment already pre-installed with these devices. Although they cost more they’re custom-designed and have reduced speaker complications.

They come attached to the side of the helmet conveniently and are secured in place. There are many riders who choose to apply the sets themselves or screw holes into the helmet to install a permanent set. These products are  designed to fit comfortably within the majority of head gear.

The personal area network of the speakers is small in range. They have a certain distance for reception which is why a biker would need a transmitting device if they were to connect to any other riding partner or biking technology.

It’s important for you to figure out the frequency range if you’re using it to connect to traveling partners.

History of Motorcycle Speakers

In the past motorcycle riders have not had many options when it comes to listening to music while riding. It used to be that speakers were attached to the handlebars although other people and cars could also hear any noise that was being emitted.

The IPod was capable of changing the way that bikers listened to their music due to the creation of smaller ear buds. Soon helmet mechanics began to innovate.

Today riders can listen to the audio of their choice with a much more crisp and concise sound. Keep in mind that the speakers can come as either a freestanding or attached accessory.

Riders who choose freestanding motorcycle helmet speakers may prefer units that are not embedded. They are a bit more traditional and can be secured within the helmet easily.

The attached technology cannot function outside of the gear – although, it can be attached to a Bluetooth or MP3 wire. If you choose to buy the helmet with the speakers it does improve the overall sound quality.  Keep in mind that every motorcyclist has a different preference toward riding and audio entertainment.

These types of products are designed carefully so that the set remains embedded. The size of the speakers is important as it does play a part in the quality of your audio – although, It has a lot to do with the comfort of wearing them.

If you’re searching for this accessory you should keep the dimensions in mind and consider the equipment thickness. This will help you recognize the comfort level of the speakers when they are affixed into your ear.

One of the biggest issues people have when they use this accessory is that it doesn’t produce the right sound quality. Although many companies claim that they have an adequate product, the only way to verify it is by trying out different brands and talking to others about which ones they prefer.

You should always test out your speakers before you commit to a purchase as well to verify their comfort and size.

Pricing and Speaker Alternatives

As you are choosing motorcycle helmet speakers you’ll have to take the price into consideration. The costs of each of these do vary and they are much more expensive than free-standing audio outputs.

Purchasing a helmet with a built-in audio set means that the rider will also be investing in safety equipment. Although the embedded products are high in quality and offer advanced technologically, there are benefits to using the traditional freestanding speakers.

Whichever gadget you decide on will depend on your own comfort and audio preferences.

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