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Best Motorcycle Helmets Reviewed

We are all mad motorcycling enthusiasts at this site…and that passion extends to the gear we wear including the helmets we put on our heads. We know how much information there is out there from manufacturers, to online stores, branding outfits to resellers of all sorts of motorcycling stuff. Our goal on this site as riders, is to provide you, a fellow rider, with quality helmet reviews and keep it simple. We review classics which retain their popularity to the latest newer motorcycle helmets that have impressed us. Check out what we believe are the best motorcycle helmets currently available below in their respective classes.



We think the Nolan N44 is one of the best 3/4 helmets on the market today. As a full modular, it provides great versatility and functionality, lending itself to many different riding scenarios. This is as a result of the 6 different configurations this helmet offers. It  provides great protection all round – head, neck, chin etc. DOT approved, this is a quality helmet made by a quality company and one to consider for if you’re in the market for a open face / 3/4 helmet.


I’ve not heard many riders ever complain about a Shoei, and I think the RJ Platinum is up there with their best work. It’s lines are classic, and yet Shoei have quietly integrated their highest technical design features into this helmet. The ventilation system and visor performance are all top class and the fit is like a glove.



The Bell Pit Boss continues to be one of the most popular helmets on the road today. It is a classic that will never date, and will always look cool no matter which bike you’re on. It’s made from Bell’s high-end lightweight products, the interior has some serious padding and it is a snug fit without being too tight. If you need a communications unit for your helmet, speakers will fit in neatly. A nice looking and quality helmet coming out of Bell.


In the Scorpion EXO C110, there is a lot of bang for your buck in this helmet. It has been built with a good ventilation system in place and a tight focus on safety. There is a dual EPS liner and with a physical profile that sits low on your head, it’s great for protection and comfort.



If you’ve read the story by now, you will know that an ARAI RX-Q saved Jonathan, the owner of this sites, life and skull. I guess that is one of the reasons why we’ve put this helmet in our ‘Hall of Fame’ page. It’s a solid helmet made by a family building helmets for 30 years – by now they would know their stuff. The Corsair V – ventilation is second to none and it has the venturi effect going on strong. It has extreme visibility and is worth you reading the full review.


This is a nice piece of craftsmanship by Shoei. It is a smooth aerodynamic lightweight helmet. Yes, it is on the pricey side, but you are getting a lot of evolutionary design and functionality for your buck. It provides great vision, advanced ventilation and caters for different head sizes. The thought that has gone into the interior lining and the shell, makes for a very quiet helmet. The GT-Air is impressive and looks awesome.



This helmet is a combination of what historically has performed well in Bell helmets PLUS a redesign of the key features (eye port, chin curtain, sunshield) that makes this helmet worth the price. In fact, the price is very good when compared to its peers in this helmet class. A cool lightweight helmet that come sin solid colors and matte if graphics ain’t your thing.


Hands down, Schuberth’sC3 Pros is one of the most enjoyable helmets I have had the privilege of testing. They are at the pricey end and are a significant investment. But, if you do find yourself flush with funds, this is one beautiful helmet to experience. The profile changes have not only made it more aerodynamic, but it is so quiet, it is light and it’s ventilation performance is second to none.



The O’Neal Commander has the latest Blinc Bluetooth Communications as part of its affordable price. It includes 10 hours of talk time, 130 hours of standby, 1500 ft intercom distance range between each rider and Bluetooth features that can be controlled with voice commands. This includes taking and making calls, listening to music, activating the GPS and syncing with tech devices. For all of the above to be effective, the helmet must be quiet and the O’Neal Commander is.


BiLT has made the Techno into one of its finest and most technologically advanced Bluetooth helmets. It comes integrated with a DWO-3 Bluetooth communications unit which enables features such as the phone and MP3.  It’s price will not break the bank and tends to be a popular WInter helmet choice.



Arai could be attributed for kicking off the entire dual sport/adventure touring helmet market. They were the ones to take a dirt bike helmet and make it functional for street riding – so it could ‘cross-over’ and meet the requirements of both on and off road riding scenarios. The XD4 is a stable shell due to its redesigned aerodynamic shell. Focus has been on both safety and function with the ventilation system being a standout in this helmet. Arai acknowledge the importance of rider feedback when it comes to their helmets – and it’s no coincidence that the XD4’s redesign features was a result of the most common complaints about the previous XD3. It’s great to know the Helmet companies are listening.


A lot of thought has gone into the AGC AX-8DS starting with the composition of its shell. The DNA starts with a lightweight fiberglass, kevlar and carbon. With such a solid shell, one could be forgiven in thinking it’s heavy – but it is not. It’s lighter than expected and the integrated ventilation system is a joy to behold on longer rides. With 3 shells sizes and some cool tech graphics, this is a very good looking and premium helmet.

When it comes to motorcycle helmets, it is hard to be objective when some suit your head and needs more than others. However, to get the above 2 x choices for each motorcycle helmet, we had to put it to a vote. The choice was out of the best helmets we have listed in each class, which can be found via their circular button links on the Home Page.

If you agree or wildly disagree with the above choices, we would be very keen to hear what helmet you think should be represented as part of ‘The Best Helmets Reviewed’. Drop us a line at our Contact Page letting us know what you ride and your preferred choice of helmet and why.  It’d be awesome to hear from you.