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Which Motorcycle Helmet Will Keep My Head In One Piece If Things Go Bad?

Safest motorcycle helmet

Does It Matter If You Not Wearing The  Safest Motorcycle Helmets Today?

On The Motorcycle riding bodes on living in the moment. Nothing beats having to surrender yourself to those moments of utter freedom. But, as you rev up your adrenaline, it’s of absolute significance to ensure your own safety.

Enter the motorcycle helmet. You’ll need the most comfortable and safest motorcycle helmet to maximize enjoyment.

There are six basic types of motorcycle helmets-

– Full Face. Covers the entire face
– Modular (Flip Up/ Convertible). It features a movable/ removable chin bar
– Open Face. Also known 3/4 helmet as it covers 3 out of 4 parts of your head
– Half Helmet. Covers half of your head
– Off Road/Motocross. Used mainly for off road riding and competitions
– Novelty. Also known ‘beanies’. They aren’t certified and are unsafe

What To Consider When Purchasing The Safest Motorcycle Helmet?

– How comfortably fitting is it? Comfort and fit is different and relative to every other rider. Most helmets come with inner padding that is adjustable. This is very convenient especially when purchasing online. This means you can easily adjust the padding to your desired comfort.

Safest motorcycle helmet

Some of the best and most comfortable motorcycle helmets include:

1. Shark Race-R Pro Carbon Fiber Helmet

This carbon/ aramid fiber helmet was designed to give the utmost significance to ergonomics and functionality: comfort, stability, precision, lightness, and aerodynamics. Safety and leading edge technology is a guarantee with the Race-R Pro helmet.

The Race-R Pro was designed for both the elite racer and the street rider alike, and it delivers the best for both. It has undergone wind tunnel testing which led to the double blade spoiler that minimizes the unpleasant cyclonic airflow and wind noise. It also has efficient ventilation, an optical distortion-free shield and wide angle field of view to ensure ultimate comfort of vision while riding.

The Race-R Pro helmet efficiency and functionality can be summed by Shark’s mantra, “Just race! We”ll take care of the rest.”

– How costly is it? Motorcycle helmets have a pretty large price range from as cheap as $30 to expensive ones in excess of $1000. But, just like with purchasing anything else, you receive what you pay for. Essentially, you’ll be purchasing your safety and the less costly models aren’t that safe.

– Is it tested and certified? There’s two important certification levels for motorcycle helmets. First is the Department of Transportation that sets the minimum standards the helmets have to meet. The second is the Snell Memorial Foundation that certifies the crème de la crème of motorcycle helmets.

The Best and Most Comfortable Full Face Motorcycle Helmets Reviews

As a motorcyclist the priority is protection always. With a full face helmet you get maximum coverage and safety. Why’s that? Well, it’s simply because it covers the entire face, thus, protecting those pearly whites while letting you enjoy your ride.

Full face helmets are built with a strong, hard, outer shell, with a heavily padded interior, for a snug, comfortable fit. Another feature is the acrylic visor which provides an extra layer of safety for your mouth against road debris and bugs.

It’s also designed with stellar aerodynamics and maximum ventilation which are especially vital for professional racers. For a pro racer safety and ventilation is critical, however, they require neck-breaking speeds as well.

The main disadvantages of the full face motorcycle helmet, is the weight factor and they also tend to limit your vision. However, these setbacks have been countered by designing lighter helmets with wide angle vision field. The bottom-line, nonetheless, is coverage and protection.

2. Shoei RF-1200 Solid Helmet

The Shoei RF-1200 could be described in three words; performance, protection, comfort. It has been described as the pinnacle of perfection as it has gone to win the best in its class ZLA award.

The RF-1200 helmet has a wind tunnel tested shell, optimized to reduce buffeting, weight and wind noise by providing a compact, aerodynamic shape. A quality helmet should be light to prevent soreness on your neck. And the Shoei RF-1200 Solid uses a slim design with a distinct accent cut line to achieve exactly that.

Another incredible feature of this helmet is the improved shield system and aerodynamic shape which creates a comfortable and very quiet experience for the rider.

3. Schuberth C3 Pro Dark Classic Helmet

The Schuberth C3 Pro is depicted by ‘revzilla.com’ as the Rolls Royce of motorcycle helmets. Why’s that? Because it’s one of the quietest and most advanced helmets technologically.

The C3 Pro has undergone extensive wind tunnel testing that’s led to a rear spoiler on the helmet to optimize its aerodynamic properties even at extremely high speeds (excess of 100mph).

The helmet also integrates two antennas for better FM radio reception and increased Bluetooth range. The helmet’s inner lining has been redesigned and reshaped with selective materials such as Interpower, Thermocool, and COOLMAX to provide the ultimate comfort.

When it comes to motorcycle helmets one size doesn’t always fit all, therefore, its prudent to acquire exactly what you desire. Hopefully this guide will help you attain exactly that, and wearing one of the safest motorcycle helmets, will provide you with an added piece of mind.

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