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Motorcycle Helmet Weight And Construction Basics

helmet construction

Motorcycle Helmet Construction and Weight

Know Your Helmet

motorcycle helmet safety

Helmet Safety Components

motorcycle helmet safety
If you are buying a motorcycle helmet, it is important for you to have a good idea of how a helmet is constructed. This includes understanding the motorcycle helmets weight. Knowing this information will help you identify a quality helmet from one that may look good but is not sufficiently robust in an impact or durable for the long term use.

Similarly, you should be aware of what your ideal helmet weighs. With so many helmets available today, it is important for you to avoid the brands that will make your head feel heavy and require more energy during your riding.

Having heavy gear will cause fatigue at a faster rate and can create unnecessary headaches and pressure building up on your neck. This strain will get in the way of your ability to enjoy the ride and reduce your comfort on longer rides. Also, a heavy helmet which strains the neck can increase the chances of injury if an accident were to occur.

It’s suggested that you look for a durable product with the required inner protection and outer shell layers which has a lightweight feel. A lightweight helmet will relieve you from feeling held down by your safety equipment and offer you the required protection.

Consider a helmet made from a lighter product such as a polycarbonate, carbon, carbon fiber, kevlar or a composite. Some of the lightest helmets weigh around 1200-1340 grams.

However, do not compromise your protection at all. Ensure that the helmet you are considering also meets the required safety standards and certification and possesses resilient exteriors that you’d need if an impact were to occur.

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