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Kids Motorcycle Helmets

Buying the right motorcycle helmet for your child requires the same consideration as choosing a helmet for an adult. Whether the child’s a passenger on the back of a motorcycle or riding actively by themselves, a kids motorcycle helmets should be held up to the same scrutiny as an adults helmet. They too need a safe quality helmet to take care of their growing head. The reality is riding a motorcycle can be a dangerous activity. A child who has less years of riding experience than an adult, may not be able to handle a bike as proficiently should a situation occur. Having the right type of helmet can protect them from getting seriously injured. It can even prevent internal hemorrhages from occurring (although this is rare in the case of a motorcycle accident.)

Searching For The Right And Most Protective Kid’s Motorcycle Helmet?  

Interior Padding

kids motorcycle helmets

The kids motorcycle helmet that you choose shouldn’t only be comfortable but have enough interior padding so that it provides the most protection to your child’s neck and head area. If an accident were to occur, these are the two most vulnerable parts of the body. When you pick up a helmet, look inside the helmet and feel the cheek pads, inner liner and any other padding. Does it feel thick and strong or flimsy? If your child has an accident, remember, you want there to be as much protection between their helmet and what their head hits as possible. When children are riding motor bikes they may be more concerned with how the design looks than how much protection is being provided. As a parent you’re the person who needs to ensure that the gear offers more security than style.

Find a product that covers their entire face area instead of only their head. When it is a full-face helmet it offers complete and total protection. Kid’s motorcycle gear varies in design and colors although the equipped products reduce sensitivity toward the head and neck if an accident were to occur.

Choose A Quality And Reputable Motorcycle Helmet Retailer

Before you spend your money on a kid’s helmet you should research the retailer. Read reviews on the manufacturer and whether or not customers have had faulty experiences with the brand. Although it’s always convenient to purchase an affordable helmet for your child, it’s much better to invest more money in a product that promises safety. By making a quick decision you might invest in a product that isn’t made as well as others.

How Much Should I Pay For A Kid’s Motorcycle Helmet?

Kids motorcycle helmets can cary from $25 up to $400. It really depends on the type of riding they are going to be needing the helmet for. Such as – to wear as a passenger on a bike, or dirt bike riding (off road),  street riding (on road) or all of the above. Once your clear on the requirements, you may consider how long your child may be interested in riding. Let’s face it, sometimes it may be a short term commitment until their friends move into another hobby. Or on the other hand, riding may be a long term choice. Either way, you do not have to break the bank if it is your first time buying your child a helmet.

First of all check out what Amazon has to offer by clicking the link below

You can also go through enough online reviews regarding kid’s motorcycle helmets so that you can get an idea of how much it would cost to purchase from a reputable brand. If you are more comfortable with doing your shopping online instead of in stores, you may have more of a selection of names to choose from. This will not only save you time but allow you to do more research on headgear both safe and favorable toward your child.

How Do I Choose The Safest Motorcycle Helmet For My Child?

Motorcycle Helmet Standards

There are many motorcycle helmets for kids that are aimed toward off-road riding instead of street bikes. Although there isn’t anything wrong with that, the helmet you choose has to be tested by the Snell standard. Any of these products should have high standards similar to adult motorcycle helmets (if not more.) Most motorcycle gear companies focus on children’s off-road lids instead of those certified by DOT.

Full Coverage Helmets + Chin Bars

As a parent it’s your job to help find a full-coverage helmet that also offers a chin bar. They should contain expanded polystyrene. The helmet needs to fit properly so that it does stay in position if your child were to get in an accident. A product such as the Arai Astral is a reputable full-face helmet and a market leader in building protective equipment.

Helmet Sizing For Growing Heads

As your child grows older the helmet size will need to adjust. Make sure that as their head grows larger you don’t result to an adult’s size as it won’t stay in place if there is an impact. It’s better for the helmet to fit snug than be too large and come off during an accident. Kids might not like to have a tight fit or chinstrap but it’s essential that it stays on. It’s highly recommended that on a child you do not use anything that isn’t a full-face product to prevent head injuries.

Duties as a Parent

Before you put gear on a child it’s best to verify that there aren’t any defects, padding issues or exposed metal as it would be equally unsafe. If the helmet is too heavy you should switch to a different brand. Your kid’s comfort is going to determine whether or not they want to wear it every time they ride a motorcycle. Regardless of the style and color they want, it should contain a reflective material in the back or on the sides so that other motorists can spot them. The products must have a sticker on the inside that states it has gone through standard testing.

The Best Helmet Options For Kids

For parents that have kids that ride motorcycles today, the following prominent brands are well known and trusted for both safety and design. For those newer to the sport, below is a range of kids motorcycle helmets with their features clearly detailed. For more information about the specific helmet, click on the helmet image or the price tag.


motorcycle helmets for children

First thing to consider for a child’s helmet is the safety standard. The LS2 FF392 Junior does have good safety standards in that it is DOT and ECE approved. It is a lightweight helmet so it won’t weigh down on the neck and head too much. This is important as energy spent on keeping a heavy helmet up means that fatigue can set in faster, which can lead to accidents. It has an aerodynamic shell which means not much drag and it is stable in the wind. There is a good flow of air coming through the vents, which are adjustable – and this helps keep the helmet inside cooler in Summer. In the Winter, the vents can be adjusted so that wind is restricted inside so it is not too cold. The comfort liner inside was cut by lasers to ensure a perfect fit – which means that there will be no unnecessary space. A snug fit will be the result. The inside padding is removable and washable – which makes the helmet nice and fresh for the next ride. Overall a good helmet.

RATING 4 / 5 


motorcycle helmets for children

With a great razor graphic, this DOT and ECE standard approved helmet is extremely versatile. It easily converts from a street riding helmet to a snow helmet, with optional snow shields. It has a Wick-dri inner liner which not only is extremely comfortable, it is fully removable and washable. It comes in a range of sizes and the look of the helmet can be customized with with one of the many shields. A good price for a quality helmet.

RATING 5 / 5


motorcycle helmets for children

If you have a child moving into riding and your not sure how long their interest will last, here is a great combination of a quality motorcycle helmet plus gear. The most important question to answer is yes, despite the great price tag, the helmet IS a quality helmet. It is DOT standard certified and is a lightweight helmet. There are a range of sizes for smaller heads and the gloves also come in a range of sizes – so you can mix and match. The goggles are 1 size with an adjustable strap. The interior liner is removable and washable which is essential as this is a helmet well suited for dirt, motocross and off road riding. This is an entry level combination of a quality helmet, goggles and gloves – and the great thing is that it will not break the bank.

RATING 4.5 / 5


motorcycle helmets for children

With a Japanese design featured on this helmet, is an extremely popular helmet choice amongst youth. It is, as the name suggests, mainly for street riding and is DOT approved. It is a full face helmet with a quality EPS Impact Absorption inner liner (which is made from sweat absorbing material). The vent system performs well and it has a quick release system for the visor. A lightweight helmet that is made from an ABS composite shell. The cheek pads are removable and washable. All in all, a quality helmet that offers great protection.

RATING 4.4 / 5


motorcycle helmets for children

The Razor Youth helmet is the safest style of helmet in that it covers the full face. It has great ventilation, so keeps the head cool in Summer and comes with extra inside pads should the helmet need to be slightly firmer inside. It complies with CPSC standards (Consumer Product Safety Commission) and has an adjustable visor (with strap) and can be worn with goggles. It is a lower price and most commonly used as a entry level helmet.

RATING 4 / 5

Regardless of the brand you choose it should fit onto your child’s head perfectly. There are plenty of colors, styles and design to pick from. You may prefer to do your shopping online where you can read consumer reviews and verify whether or not it is Snell, ECE and DOT certified.


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