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High-Tech Motorcycle Helmets and Augmented Reality

Skully AR 1 motorcycle helmet

Heard of the Skully AR- I Revolution?

Most riders will have heard about Skully AR-I by now. It has been touted as the beginning of the “motorcycle technology revolution”.

Initially it made headlines because the prototype and end product (at least today’s end product) was funded by 1.3 million dollars via crowdfunding on Indiegogo. In fact, the Skully Helmet project raised more funding than any other tech campaign in Indiegogo’s history.

The first prototype was brought out in 2013 and resulted in a flooding of orders globally. The features include:

  • a heads up system which displays information approx 10 feet in front of the rider (sort of like a distant version of Google Glasses)
  • 180 degree rear view camera
  • GPS navigation directions -at your request
  • smartphone compatibility
  • electrochromotic e-tint feature – allowing riders to combat bright glaring sunlight by electronically making the visor darker
  • audio, phone calls, music features controlled by voice command
  • a remote control on the motorcycles handlebar

The origins of the helmet came from Skully’s CEO Marcus Weller. He had been out riding, turned to look at a street sign when the car in front of him stopped short. While recuperating from his accident a few months later, Weller said  he came up with the idea for a GPS-map showing on a screen-like-hologram in front of his moving  bike.

Later when describing the new Skully Helmet, Weller said “It takes fighter pilot technology and sort of makes it accessible for the average motorcyclists”.

As for the price….having a look at the youtube demo in the right hand column… it may just be in your budget…?

Is This The Beginning of The Motorcycle Technology Revolution?

The Skully Helmet

What Lies Behind The Scully Helmet Design?

Helmet Shell Construction Technology And Other Advances


SMART HELMETS – there are helmets shells constructed from thermodynamically composite technology material that that makes equipment extremely aerodynamic. These are known as Smart Helmets.

They have the ability to soak up enough energy during an initial shock so that the helmet retains most of its structure after the accident. This is obviously better for the skull inside the helmet, and if there has been any sort of neck injury, the helmet will remain supporting the head and not compound the injury.

PERFECT-FIT HELMETS – Did you know that there are some helmet brands that hold an inflation system so that you can pump-up internal pads so the helmet will fit like a glove around your head?

The Scorpion EXO-R2000 has the Airfit System providing cheek pad inflation. The cheek pads use an air inflation system situated in the helmet which allows you to customize the fit.

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