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Fitting A Motorcycle Helmet The Right Way

how to size a motorcycle helmet

Getting The Fit Right

Every motorcyclist’s head shape varies and helmets fit each person differently. Manufacturers have varying sizes within a size range and their shapes will vary too depending on the type of protection they use. Simply put, a large size Shoei helmet will not fit the same as a large size Arai helmet.

Fitting a motorcycle helmet the right way is simple provided the two most important components of head gear are considered. That is that they are comfortable and tight enough so that they do not slip off easily.

The product should be snug around your forehead and contribute to your vision while you’re riding instead of obstructing a view of the road.

The right helmet should fit well, reduce noise, enhance vision and protect eyes from dust particles, allowing you to focus on enjoying your ride in comfort, without affecting pressure points on your head.

A common rookie mistake when purchasing a helmet is not getting the fit right. This is why we have included videos and information on helmet sizing, fit and key features when selecting the brand, model and style.

The best helmets support the shape of your head and makes gear feel lighter while riding. The most important thing to remember is that head equipment is built to keep you safe if an accident were to occur. Advanced designs keep the entire neck and head region guarded while reducing long-term damage if there were a road collision.

A helmet too tight will build pressure resulting in a headache, or worse, dizziness, and you don’t want to feel dizzy riding at 50mph. A loose helmet may move around – blocking visibility or worse, come off under a slight impact, which can mean serious head-trauma, and we don’t want that.

It’s important that you like the design of your gear because you will be more likely to wear something that’s comfortable and designed accurately.

how to size a motorcycle helmet

How To Correctly Size A Helmet

Once again, things to look for when sizing a helmet:

  • Snug fit is critical – firm pressure on your head, should not go on too easily – because it may come off your head easily
  • Measure your head-circumference (half inch above eyebrow- look for largest circumference measurement)
  • Once helmet on your head – you should not be able to move it from side to side, also grab chin bar and you should not be able to move the helmet up and down
  • Cheek pressure and forehead pressure must be firm and sustained
  • If you can slide your fingers very easily inside the helmet, this is too loose.
  • Roll-off test – if pull chin bar down and covers your eyes – not a good fit, also it should be slightly difficult to take off your head
  • If you can get to a store and try on a few helmets, start with a larger helmet and work your way down, even to the point where you are trying on a helmet that is too small. That will give you all a good understanding of the size that is right for your head
  • It is always recommended that the helmet that you think fits right – wear it around for a few minutes, and if any hot spots develop, it may be too tight.

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing the helmet you have chosen, you’re far less likely to help yourself with the safety that you need regardless of whether or not you are street or off-road travelling.

There are plenty of great helmets to choose from so that you benefit from comfort and a design that will protect you and that you like wearing. For more factors to consider when choosing the right helmet for your head, including things like helmet weight, check out Helmet Sizing.

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