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nolan N104

Nolan N104 Helmet Versus Bell Vortex Helmet – Which Is Best?

Here we compare the very popular Nolan 104 and pitt it against the Bell Vortex which seems to have a cult following itself. If you are currently tossing up about which one of these top performing helmets to buy, we give you the lowdown on why you might choose one over the other. Let’s face it, it is much wiser to buy a helmet with sound knowledge of what it has to offer as opposed to going solely with gut instinct.

Safest motorcycle helmet

Which Motorcycle Helmet Will Keep My Head In One Piece If Things Go Bad?

Motorcycle riding bodes on living in the moment. Nothing beats having to surrender yourself to those moments of utter freedom. But, as you rev up your adrenaline, it’s of absolute significance to ensure your own safety. So it is good to know which motorcycle helmet will keep your head in one piece if things go bad

Best Motorcycle bluetooth headset

What Are The Best Bluetooth Headphones To Wear With A Motorcycle Helmet?

Riding a motorcycle is tons of fun by itself, however, it could be a little more fun than it already is.
Sweeten your ride with your favorite music or chatting with other riders via intercom with a pair of high quality, best in their class Wireless Bluetooth headphones.

motorcycle safety in bad weather

Motorcycle Safety When Riding In Rain Storms

Riding a motorcycle in bad weather can be dangerous if you don’t take the right precautions and adopt the right attitude. Be sure you are wearing the right gear such as a hi-viz jacket. Crucial that you also have the right tires on your bike.

Womens' motorcycle helmets

Womens’ Motorcycle Helmets

Below we have listed quality womens’ motorcycle helmets. They are all DOT and Snell certified and quality helmets. There are still a few more female helmets that you may want to consider, and of course, it really comes back to what you want your helmet for. This article is mostly based on the helmets for on-road [...]

best dual sport helmets

The Best Dual Sport And Adventure Touring Helmets

DUAL SPOR riding and ADVENTURE TOURING have quickly become one of the most popular forms of motorcycle riding globally. Embraced across several different riding styles, they’re popular amongst sport bike riders, street fighters, adventure riders, tourers and many forms of endurance riding. As a simple definition, dual sport is where a rider will use their bike and gear for both riding on the street and also out in the dirt. The multi functional dual sport helmets perform well in these riding scenarios.

Bluetooth Headset

What Should I Know About Bluetooth Headsets Before I Buy One?

A lot of riders choose to gear up their helmet with their choice of Bluetooth communications systems rather than buy a helmet with Bluetooth ready fitted. This enables the rider to select from a range of options and customize to their current and future needs. If you are in the market for a new Bluetooth Headset or kit and not sure where to start, the following features are the bare minimum requirements you should consider before spending any money. Sena SPH10H-01 BT Stereo Headset Intercom Half Helmets.

Skully AR 1 motorcycle helmet

High-Tech Motorcycle Helmets and Augmented Reality

Heard of the Skully AR- I Revolution? Most riders will have heard about Skully AR-I by now. It has been touted as the beginning of the motorcycle technology revolution. Initially it made headlines because the prototype and end product (at least today’s end product) was funded by 1.3 million dollars via crowdfunding on Indiegogo. In fact, the Skully Helmet project raised more funding than any other tech campaign in Indiegogo’s history. The first prototype was brought out in 2013 and resulted in a flooding of orders globally.

bluetooth helmets

What Are The Best Bluetooth Helmets For Motorcycles?

BLUETOOTH HELMETS are not created equal. This is especially the case for those focused on the motorcycle market. If you are currently looking around for a good Bluetooth helmet, you must consider the following features when reviewing different models -some bluetooth helmets are purpose built for specific bluetooth communication units, however they do not come standard with the system included.

The Ultimate Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

FULL FACE HELMETS are becoming one of the most popular choices amongst riders. Full Face helmets provide total face protection. With more than 30% of accidents on a motorcycle affecting the nose and mouth area, full face helmets offer greater protection to the entire face area. They are comfortable all year round, with the better brands offering high performing ventilation systems. Motorcycle helmet manufacturers are taking full advantage of their own wind-test tunnels, new technology, aerodynamic designs and high performing elements.

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