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Nolan N104 Helmet Versus Bell Vortex Helmet – Which Is Best?

nolan N104

Here we compare the very popular Nolan 104 helmet and pitt it against the Bell Vortex which seems to have a cult following itself. If you are currently tossing up about which one of these top performing helmets to buy, we give you the lowdown on why you might choose one over the other. Let’s face it, it is much wiser to buy a helmet with sound knowledge of what it has to offer as opposed to going solely with gut instinct.

So first up, let’s look at the Nolan N104 and why it continues to be an incredibly popular choice in the modular helmet range.

Nolan N104

First of all, Nolan the company itself, is a premium manufacturer based in Italy. This company is responsible for some of the smartest developments in the market for modular design.

The Nolan N104 helmet is made with polycarbonate GE Lexan shell. Its build is quite impressive as detailed below. Plus it comes with some premium features for a very reasonable price in the market.

Priced between $279.99 and $399.96, it certainly has a great following because of its advanced features like the sound mitigation system, the drop down sun visor and elliptical chin pivot.

What are its safety features?

This helmet has quite a big eye port that allows top and bottom vision to be unrestricted. Even the peripheral view is unobstructed, and this provides bike riders maximum vision capability when they are on the road.

This internal shield is treated to be scratch resistant and it is also anti-fog in nature. Also, to make sure that the fog cannot cause any vision impairment, the upper shield comes with pin lock insert.

So even if you are riding during cold days, you will never have trouble because this feature will eliminate the fog effects.

How strong and durable is this helmet?

The helmet also comes with a flip up chin bar, which the company calls the dual action chin bar release. Here, you have to squeeze the buttons at the bottom of the helmet to open it. This is meant for extra security and durability.

The facial shield comes with a locking mechanism at the bottom center, and can be operated with the help of either hand. The facial shield when locked down is sealed properly around the gasket, giving the rider plenty of security.

Inside, Nolan N104 helmet has a distinguishable feature called the vision protection system. It is a slider operated drop down internal sun visor. To operate it, all you have to do is move forward and the smokescreen shield will lock down in place.

By pushing the red button at the base of the chin bar, the lid will spring back and retract. This will help you to see properly if you are going through tunnels in the middle of the day, since you can easily retract the shield to see better.

The pivot system of the Nolan N104 helmet is also quite remarkable and sturdy. It is called the elliptical trajectory pivot, where the chin bar does not rotate just on one axis.

The lid first comes up and when you keep rotating up, it will simply slide back. This way the chin bar stays quite close to the top of the helmet. Plus, near the axis, there is a button that you can slide to lock in the chin bar so that it does not close down on you on its own.

Is the Nolan N104 comfortable?

The internal area is quite large, and it accommodates the space necessary for eyeglasses. So any rider who wears eyeglasses will be able to ride without any hassle.

The air booster system in Nolan N104 is an efficient ventilation system. The helmet comes with an air scoop at the top of the shell and a brow vent at the front. There is a slider switch that can be used to open the air vents.

The rear exhaust vents are located at the back. While riding, a vacuum will be created at the back of the head that will draw out all the warm air through the rear vents.

There is also a chin bar vent that can be operated with a separate slider switch. These fancy mechanisms are really helpful in keeping the inside of the helmet cool and comfortable.

While Nolan N104 does have its benefits, the Bell Vortex helmet is not without its merits.

How much does the Bell Vortex helmet cost?

The Bell Vortex helmet is a Snell 2010 certified helmet that is easily available at around $180 if you shop around. Regarding price, it is definitely more affordable than Nolan 1N04, and has a lot of cool features that makes it very desirable.

It is shaped as an intermediate oval and this seems like a good fit for most riders.

What does the Bell Vortex helmet offer?

Made out of polycarbonate shell, it is as sturdy as the Nolan N104. It comes with a nice ventilation system, with a chin vent and brow vent, chimney vents and side vents.

These vents and the ridges inside of the shell help the air to circulate throughout the helmet. The air finally gets sucked out of the back through the extractors called Venturi vents. These vents are not completely open, which makes them safe to wear in the rain.

The face shield is UV protected with an anti-fog coating on the inside. The shield is photochromic and it turns dark the moment the UV ray from the sun hits it.

The chinstraps also use magnets that can help them to stay secure. The Bell Vortex helmet also comes with a speaker that some riders might enjoy. There is a cut out inside the shell where the communicator can fit in. 50 mm cheek pads are inserted inside which help to increase the comfort factor.

Which helmet is better? 

While the Bell Vortex helmet does come cheaper with optimum features, in many ways it is not as enhanced as the Nolan N104 helmet. The size of the helmet is small compared to the Nolan N104, which makes it more claustrophobic for some riders.

Also, the face shield is not very effective and cannot be locked in place when pushed up. The shield is much smaller than the size of the face shield found in the Nolan N104.

Overall, while both the helmets have some really cool pros, the Nolan N104 helmet wins hands down as the safest and more comfortable headgear for riders.

Which Motorcycle Helmet Will Keep My Head In One Piece If Things Go Bad?

Safest motorcycle helmet

Does It Matter If You Not Wearing The  Safest Motorcycle Helmets Today?

On The Motorcycle riding bodes on living in the moment. Nothing beats having to surrender yourself to those moments of utter freedom. But, as you rev up your adrenaline, it’s of absolute significance to ensure your own safety.

Enter the motorcycle helmet. You’ll need the most comfortable and safest motorcycle helmet to maximize enjoyment.

There are six basic types of motorcycle helmets-

– Full Face. Covers the entire face
– Modular (Flip Up/ Convertible). It features a movable/ removable chin bar
– Open Face. Also known 3/4 helmet as it covers 3 out of 4 parts of your head
– Half Helmet. Covers half of your head
– Off Road/Motocross. Used mainly for off road riding and competitions
– Novelty. Also known ‘beanies’. They aren’t certified and are unsafe

What To Consider When Purchasing The Safest Motorcycle Helmet?

– How comfortably fitting is it? Comfort and fit is different and relative to every other rider. Most helmets come with inner padding that is adjustable. This is very convenient especially when purchasing online. This means you can easily adjust the padding to your desired comfort.

Safest motorcycle helmet

Some of the best and most comfortable motorcycle helmets include:

1. Shark Race-R Pro Carbon Fiber Helmet

This carbon/ aramid fiber helmet was designed to give the utmost significance to ergonomics and functionality: comfort, stability, precision, lightness, and aerodynamics. Safety and leading edge technology is a guarantee with the Race-R Pro helmet.

The Race-R Pro was designed for both the elite racer and the street rider alike, and it delivers the best for both. It has undergone wind tunnel testing which led to the double blade spoiler that minimizes the unpleasant cyclonic airflow and wind noise. It also has efficient ventilation, an optical distortion-free shield and wide angle field of view to ensure ultimate comfort of vision while riding.

The Race-R Pro helmet efficiency and functionality can be summed by Shark’s mantra, “Just race! We”ll take care of the rest.”

– How costly is it? Motorcycle helmets have a pretty large price range from as cheap as $30 to expensive ones in excess of $1000. But, just like with purchasing anything else, you receive what you pay for. Essentially, you’ll be purchasing your safety and the less costly models aren’t that safe.

– Is it tested and certified? There’s two important certification levels for motorcycle helmets. First is the Department of Transportation that sets the minimum standards the helmets have to meet. The second is the Snell Memorial Foundation that certifies the crème de la crème of motorcycle helmets.

The Best and Most Comfortable Full Face Motorcycle Helmets Reviews

As a motorcyclist the priority is protection always. With a full face helmet you get maximum coverage and safety. Why’s that? Well, it’s simply because it covers the entire face, thus, protecting those pearly whites while letting you enjoy your ride.

Full face helmets are built with a strong, hard, outer shell, with a heavily padded interior, for a snug, comfortable fit. Another feature is the acrylic visor which provides an extra layer of safety for your mouth against road debris and bugs.

It’s also designed with stellar aerodynamics and maximum ventilation which are especially vital for professional racers. For a pro racer safety and ventilation is critical, however, they require neck-breaking speeds as well.

The main disadvantages of the full face motorcycle helmet, is the weight factor and they also tend to limit your vision. However, these setbacks have been countered by designing lighter helmets with wide angle vision field. The bottom-line, nonetheless, is coverage and protection.

2. Shoei RF-1200 Solid Helmet

The Shoei RF-1200 could be described in three words; performance, protection, comfort. It has been described as the pinnacle of perfection as it has gone to win the best in its class ZLA award.

The RF-1200 helmet has a wind tunnel tested shell, optimized to reduce buffeting, weight and wind noise by providing a compact, aerodynamic shape. A quality helmet should be light to prevent soreness on your neck. And the Shoei RF-1200 Solid uses a slim design with a distinct accent cut line to achieve exactly that.

Another incredible feature of this helmet is the improved shield system and aerodynamic shape which creates a comfortable and very quiet experience for the rider.

3. Schuberth C3 Pro Dark Classic Helmet

The Schuberth C3 Pro is depicted by ‘revzilla.com’ as the Rolls Royce of motorcycle helmets. Why’s that? Because it’s one of the quietest and most advanced helmets technologically.

The C3 Pro has undergone extensive wind tunnel testing that’s led to a rear spoiler on the helmet to optimize its aerodynamic properties even at extremely high speeds (excess of 100mph).

The helmet also integrates two antennas for better FM radio reception and increased Bluetooth range. The helmet’s inner lining has been redesigned and reshaped with selective materials such as Interpower, Thermocool, and COOLMAX to provide the ultimate comfort.

When it comes to motorcycle helmets one size doesn’t always fit all, therefore, its prudent to acquire exactly what you desire. Hopefully this guide will help you attain exactly that, and wearing one of the safest motorcycle helmets, will provide you with an added piece of mind.

What Are The Best Bluetooth Headphones To Wear With A Motorcycle Helmet?

Best Motorcycle bluetooth headset

What Are The Best Bluetooth Headphones To Wear With A Motorcycle Helmet?

best bluetooth headphones

Riding a motorcycle is tons of fun by itself, however, it could be a little more fun than it already is.

How’s that? You ask.

Well, how about sweetening your ride with your favorite music or chatting with other riders via intercom. Well, a pair of the best bluetooth headphones is all you need. A pair of Wireless Bluetooth headphones.

There is a wide variety of Bluetooth headphones on the market. Therefore, we’ve decided to make your work that much easier by relaying the best Bluetooth headphones, that’ll give you a lovely musical experience on your next ride.

List of the Best Bluetooth Headphones

SENA SMH10R Blutooth Headphone
UCLEAR HBC200 Dual Force Bluetooth Intercom
Cardo Scala Rider Q3
– SENA 3S-B Bluetooth Headphone- Boom Microphone
– Interphone F5XT Wireless Headset
– SENA 3S-W Bluetooth Headphone. Wired Microphone
SENA SMH5-02 Bluetooth Headphone
– Interphone F5MC Blutooth Stereo Intercom

What To Consider When Purchasing Bluetooth Headphones

helmet headset sound quality

– How’s the sound quality? Riding a motorcycle generates a great deal of wind noise, therefore you’ll need to purchase a system that creates enough volume and is fitted with noise reduction technology. A great example is the audio booster that is accommodated in the SENA headsets. Another recommendation is the use of earplugs, which aids in eliminating more of the wind noise leaving only the sound.

– How do they stay on your ears? Different helmet headphones have varying designs of how they fit on your motorcycle helmet. Some are built to be inserted into the helmet’s ear pads. Others use adhesive to attach to the inner wall of the helmet. Some require a clamp to grip onto the helmet. Still others are designed with a thin headband that sits snugly under the helmet.

helmets with speakers
waterproof headphones

– Are they waterproof? Since you’ll be quite often exposed to snowy and rainy weather while riding, it’s prudent to get a system that’s waterproof. The easiest way to know if the units are waterproof, is to inquire if they meet IP66 waterproof standards. If they do, you’re good to go. But you could as well perform a physical test just to be certain.

– Do you need a microphone? If your music player doubles up as your phone, it’s wise to acquire a Wireless headset with a fitted microphone. This enables you to easily pick your phone calls without having to necessarily take off your helmet.

best headsets for motorcycle helmets

– How durable is the headset’s battery life? Most Bluetooth headphones claim long battery life. Using all the headset features at a go will tend to reduce the battery time, however, the best Bluetooth headphones rarely go below 6 hours on a single charge. Of the best Bluetooth headphones, SENA units are regarded to have the longest run time and typically go all day without issue.

Top 3 Bluetooth Headphones Reviews

1. Sena SMH10R
This unit incorporates slimline technology and convenience and of most significance, it’ll work with any helmet. The SMH10R packs Bluetooth 3.0 technology which provides long range Bluetooth intercom among other rich features such as calling hands-free, listening to stereo music (crystal clear and natural sound quality) or GPS voice instructions wirelessly, and having intercom conversations with other riders. This unit has universal intercom which allows for interconnection and pairing to other brands of Wireless headsets. Also its firmware is upgradable and it comes with a two year warranty.

This Bluetooth headphone features Boomless ABF Technology, while introducing Multi-Hop Technology (military-developed technology) and Super Group Intercom. Multi- Hop communication extender allows up to 10 users to connect via Bluetooth intercom. The Multi-Hop technology extends intercom range up to four miles and enables non-line-of-sight connections. It is extra convenient as it does way with a microphone close to your mouth, alternatively having it in the earpiece. This system also promises home hi-fi standard audio quality as you ride.

3. Cardo Scala Rider Q3
The Cardo Scala Rider headsets packs AGC technology and VOX activation as its unique features. AGC technology allows for self-adjusting speaker volume control depending on your riding speed and ambient noise. VOX activation ensures you make and answer intercom and phone calls without taking your hands off the motorbike’s handlebars. This system also features music sharing, where the rider and passenger can listen to same stereo music. Also it has spontaneous Click-to-Link intercom connection which overrides the need for pairing before sharing.

In summary, to get the best Bluetooth headphones for your use, it’s smart to pick your most important features of those listed above and select which wireless headset best suits your desire.

Motorcycle Safety When Riding In Rain Storms

motorcycle safety in bad weather

Riding in the rain has never a big draw card for me nor my friends who ride. Getting drenched in cold rain, poor visibility and slippery road conditions does not make for a enjoyable ride at all. Motorcycle safety in bad weather is extremely important not only for you as a rider, but also other vehicles or pedestrians on the road.

I have, like most, been caught out in massive unexpected downpour. I remember the time I was out in Minnesota touring once by myself.

motorcycle riding in bad weather

What started out a beautiful day turned into hard diagonal rain within 50 minutes. Boy, didn’t I pay!

I thought I had a particular turned nailed, my Ducati had different ideas.
As a result of some serious asphalt love, I learnt – there is a definitive art to staying vertical in the wet.

Starting with your wet weather gear – get yourself a Hi-Viz Gore-Tex wet weather suit, or a Hi-Viz jacket like the one picture below…and keep it on you.
It’s waterproof and will keep you dry and visible through most weather situations.

Now, you and I both don’t need to be meteorologist’s to know the roads’ going to be a different surface and beast to master in the wet.

It’s going to be slippery.

Any residue oil or grease, spills, dirt, road marking lines, metal grates, manholes, puddles (shallow or deep) they are going to be potential challenges so be ready for them.

One of my friends Jack, whose in the military, taught me the phrase
‘Perfect Preparation Prevents P**s Poor Performance”, and he is so right.

Next – something I learnt from my pop “always check your tires Son ‘cause the wrong tires will make the wrong decisions for you every time”.

My pop, the wise old man he was, was a bit of a mad rider himself.

He was always tinkering around bike and car engines and was a stickler for having the right tires on for the conditions.

So in the wet, avoid the slicks and go for something like a set of Michelin Pilot Road 3.

They suit my Ducati 848, and are also good for the likes of a CBR600, the VFR’s, ZX14.

Next – Eyes Up!

Even as a 7 yr old trying to hold up my pop’s old bike and take it for a spin when he was still at work, I knew the importance of those words.

In the wet, they hold an even greater importance.

Eyes up and be aware.

waterproof headphones

When I’m going out for a ride – I think about my path way ahead and I extend the planning out some more when the weather has turned sour.

Last things which I’m sure you would also think are basic common sense.

Go slower in the wet.

Brake sooner than you normally would.

And if the weather is really kickin’ up a stink, get off the road.

Find some shelter and wait it out, especially if there is lightening.

Don’t risk it. Motorcycle safety in bad weather cannot only save your life but also those who you are sharing the road with.

It is not worth your life nor your motorcycle.

Keep safe so you can enjoy your riding for years to come.

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Modular Helmets

Also known as Flip Up helmets have become an extremely popular helmet choice amongst dual sport riders, cruisers, adventure off road and tourers. They are versatile and can be changed into a multitude of positions for varying riding scenarios, which includes open face [..read more…]


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Womens’ Motorcycle Helmets

Womens' motorcycle helmets

Below we have listed quality womens’ motorcycle helmets.

They are all DOT and Snell certified and quality helmets.
HelmetDescriptionDOT and/or Snell CertifiedWeight
Average Rating
Out of /5 Stars
More Details

Brand: Gmax
Model: G178406 TC-14
Color: Firestarter Black and Pink Graphics
Size: Large
A lightweight thermo-plastic ploy alloy shell. It has a 3 stage LED rear light (on, flashing slow or flashing fast) for safety. Top, side and rear ventilation system reducing fog, and allowing heat and humidity to escape from mouth and top of head. A large eye-pot for improved range of vision and excellent shield sealing reduces noise and unwanted air. Removable inner liner and cheek pads and a inner flip shield which can be raised or lowered with a level located on outside of helmet.
DOT Certified6.64.5 / 5More details!
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Brand: Speed and Strength
Model: To The Nines Womens SS700 Street Motorcycle Helmet
Color: Black & Silver
Size: Medium
Good Ventilation System, All Clear Sight System, Anti-Scratch System, Anti-Fog, UV Resistant Faceshield, Speed Strap Quick Release
DOT Certified (exceeds DOT standards)4.54.5 / 5More details!
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Brand: Speed and Strength
Model: SS650 Solid Speed 3/4 Helmet
Color: Matte Black
Size: Small
Features: This is a 3/4 helmet with a huge field of vision with its open face style. The faceshield ratchets or moves up and down smoothly depending on riding preference and weather conditions. Has a sun-shield which is easy to reach to move down for convenience.
DOT Certified (exceeds DOT standards)2.04.8 / 5More details!
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Brand: Bell
Model: Women's Vortex Monarch helmet
Color: Pink graphics on a black base
Size: Medium
Great ventilation system with flow adjust for maximum stability and temperature control. It is made from a lightweight polycarbonate alloy shell with contour cheek pads made from stacked foam. Removable anti-bacterial interior comfort liner. There is a padded wind collar for comfort which reduces windroad noise. Integrated speaker pockets for audio-speakers. Anti-fog, anti-scratch and UV protected shield. A padded chin strap.
DOT Certified45 / 5More details!
Click Here

Brand: HJC Helmets
Model: HJC CL-17 Mystic
Color: Purple and Grey
Size: Small
This is a lightweight helmet made out of polycarbonate. It has an anti-scratch faceshield with a Pinlock system.. Its new 3D design provides 95% UV protection and it has a side shield locking mechanism for a extra secure seal. The cheek pads are removable and the liner is made of an anti-bacterial fabric. The airflow works through a advanced channeling system flushing heat and humidity up and out.
DOT and Snell Certified5 5 / 5 More details!
Click Here

There are still a few more female helmets that you may want to consider, and of course, it really comes back to what you want your helmet for. This article is mostly based on the helmets for on-road riding. If you want to look at more adventurous riding, check out our related posts on helmets for Adventure touring, sports bike riding, dual sport helmets, sport touring and the cruiser.

The Best Dual Sport And Adventure Touring Helmets

best dual sport helmets

ADVENTURE TOURING and DUAL SPORT riding have quickly become one of the most popular forms of motorcycle riding globally. Embraced across several different riding styles, they’re popular amongst sport bike riders, street fighters, adventure riders, tourers and many forms of endurance riding. As a simple definition, dual sport is where a rider will use their bike and gear for both riding on the street and also out in the dirt. The best dual sport helmets and adventure touring helmets have a multi functional performance factor accommodating dual riding scenarios. Whether it be high speed on the road to that of a ‘dirt upright riding position’ for off-road adventures. Just how the dual sport helmets evolved was due to Arai taking key dirt bike riding helmet features and combining with street helmet characteristics. The result is a more aggressive prominent physical profile – mainly due to the higher volume of ventilation channels. A slight downside is that the more vents, the greater the noise will be. It’s a tradeoff for the versatility this type of helmet offers. In Summer or hotter days, the visor can be raised up and locked whilst riding so with goggles on, riders will have more airflow. Most of the dual sport helmet shapes are intermediate oval, slightly longer front to back, but always check your own fit first because head shapes vary.

Here are the reviews for the Top 10 Dual Sport Helmets and Adventure Touring Helmets:


motorcycle helmets for children

Starting our dual sport helmet review with a favorite, the AGV AX-8 DS EVO GT . To break it down, the AX-8 is the dirt helmet part, the DS stands for Dual Sport, the GT is for the grand touring graphics component and the EVO is the model. The shell itself is made from lightweight fiberglass, kevlar and carbon which comes in 3 shell sizes and 3 graphics styles (white-gun metal blue,white-gun metal red and a black-silver-red as shown in the image). The shell shape is an intermediate oval head with an integrated ventilation system (IVS) that directs airflow channels to the outer shell. The inner lining has the Dry-Lex fabric with sanitizing treatment, which can be fully removed and washed. The dual visor made from polycarbonate is flat and has a non-scratch, anti-fog shield which provides 100% UV protection.It is DOT and ECE certified. What really sells the AGV AX-8 DS EVO GT is the graphics, with a tech-style blended honeycomb design that oozes Italian class with an aggressive profile. It’s a nice combination and if you want to mix the look up, remove the peak.


  • The graphics are sharp, cool and smart
  • Flat dual face shield – non-scratch and anti-fog
  • High performing ventilation system
  • Strong shell made from fiberglass, Kevlar and a light carbon – making it a light helmet despite size
  • 3 shell sizes
  • removable and washable liner
  • Rating 4.5 / 5


  • Mid to upper range price for a Dual sport helmet
  • Limited space for Bluetooth comms speakers
  • Face shield requires force to raise and lower, plus it fogs up


motorcycle helmets for children

ARAI who were pioneers in dirt bike gear and the development of the dual sport helmet, have produced a superior DS helmet in the ARAI XD4 model. At first glance, the front ridge of the helmet profile has been reduced, resulting in a more aerodynamic shape promoting improved balance and stability.  Brow vents have been introduced on the shield which vent to channels that push air directly to the forehead. The chin ventilation has been increased with more vent slots and the lever to adjust the vent is more prominent and glove-friendly. ARAI obviously listened to feedback because the chimney vents also have a more prominent lever to adjust airflow. (It is great that ARAI consider rider feedback when designing their future improved helmets). The back diffusers of the ARAI XD4 have a aerodynamic shape and are now sporting cut-in vents at the crown. This results in more air flowing in a streamline fashion over the top and creating the vacuum which pulls cool air through the front and sucks out warm moist air through the diffusers (known as venturi effect).

Goggles can be worn comfortable under the UV resistant locking face shield. An adjustable chin curtain with a small lever that allows for the free flow of air (FFS). There are 3 configurations with this helmet – (i) Fully configured with shield and peak, (ii) Remove shield and peak – strip it back, or (iii) Remove shield or peak. Overall, a very popular helmet with a stable, well designed shell for a comfortable riding experience.


  • More aerodynamic and balanced (stable) shell shape than previous ARAI XD3 model
  • Snell rated helmet
  • Improved and higher performing redesigned ventilation system
  • removable and washable interior
  • Comfort head liner with temple pads that can be peeled away
  • Dry-Cool material technology – greater rider comfort
  • Rating 4.7 / 5


  • Higher price point
  • FaceShields in the previous model (ARAI XD3) are not compatible with the XD4 – so cannot be swapped in or out
  • Also, the XD4 faceshield fogs up on cold days and a breath deflection or fog reduction design element would be well placed in this helmet
  • Can get a whistle-like noise when turn head to the side at speed
  • On Hi-viz model – helmet paint can get stratched easily


motorcycle helmets for children

The AFX FX-39 is a larger helmet with an obvious aggressive profile. It is an entry level dual sport, dirt bike, enduro style sport helmet with its big shell, flip up visor and adjustable peak. Using the visor is optional with good space to insert goggles underneath the shield and a nice external groove that allows the strap to wrap neatly around the outer shell. The visor which is flatter than its predecessors, can be worn down or up allowing for a open face experience. The optically correct faceshield has a quick release system (with a screw plug tool) and is UV-ray and scratch resistant. There are a several several shield options available. The aerodynamic intermediate-oval shaped shell is made from an advanced lightweight composite poly-alloy. It is a nice comfortable fit with enough space to easily insert speakers in purpose-built cavities.  The ventilation system performs well with 9 big channels of air flowing through chin, side, forehead, top and rear vents with more passive venting built into the design. Also, now the option to open or close the vents is built in with prominent levers that can be easily operated with gloves.

The neck spoiler has 2 diffusers that pull cool air into the front vents, over the top of the head and vent out through these 2 lower diffusers.  The chin strap can be adjusted through a European style ratchet system which makes the AFX FX-39 super easy to remove with a single pull for on and off. The top peak can be adjusted into several positions which is great for adjusting to eliminate the sun hitting your eyes at certain angles in the day.


  • A solid entry level helmet into Dual Sport
  • Excellent ventilation channels with many more passive airflow vents that promotes excellent airflow.
  • DOT and ECE certified
  • Helmet liner and cheek pads fully removable and washable
  • Face shield can be removed for open face riding
  • Easily fits speakers in cutout ear cavities
  • It’s lighter in weight than it looks
  • Rating 4.4 / 5


  • The big ventilation system – sometimes mean too much air and wind comes through. Can be cold in Winter or cooler days
  • Also, the big vent system makes it a noisy helmet
  • Again on the vents, because they can now be closed or open, some of them jam right in the middle – so they are not closed or open.
  • Issues with the shield staying down at speed – can be a challenge. Needs a stronger locking system


motorcycle helmets for children

Bell has entered the Adventure Dual Sport market with a very keenly anticipated helmet in the aggressive looking Bell MX-9 Adventure Barricade.  This dual sport enduro helmet is made from a lightweight polycarbonate shell and is just at home on the street as it is in the dirt. It comes in 3 x shell intermediate oval shaped sizes as does the EPS’s which, like many things Bell does, is for rider comfort. A drop down shield has been added which seals with a added ridge-like lip. The more premium helmets will go for a flush seal without extra design features to achieve same results. The included peak is removable for a more ‘street-like’ look. Bells’ signature velocity-flow ventilation system keeps air moving comfortable through the helmet with a venture force pulling cool air in the front and sucking warm moist air out the back. The helmet couples well with most dirt-goggles and are preferential in the dirt with the visor flipped up. A drawback is the lack of speaker cavities and thought into the attachment of a communications unit. More than likely, velro will be the best way to attach a comms system as the integration will not be as seamless as it is with other helmet brands.  Overall, a good effort for Bell’s first ADS helmet, which is functional and affordable – coming in under the price of Shoei’s and Arai’s higher ADS models.


  • Affordable price point
  • ACE and DOT certified
  • Lightweight polycarbonate shell
  • High performing ventilation system
  • 3 x size shells
  • 3 x size EPS – 3D and multi density
  • Removable and washable wicking liner
  • Adjustable mouth vent


  • Note although the peak is removable, it is not adjustable. The only peak option is off or on. Unlike other helmet peaks where they can be moved further up or down the crown, this peak is fixed in the one spot.
  • Again, the peak – if it is left on whilst riding at speed on the street, it can be felt at head checks – making the overall helmet slightly less aerodynamic
  • Although the Bell MX-9 has great ventilation, it is not possible to close the front air vents – in the wet, you will get wet.


motorcycle helmets for children

The Shoei Hornet DS was specifically designed with the dual sport and adventure touring riders in mind. Like most dual sport helmets, an off road helmet designed with a peak that will work at speed and gives you the choice to have a shield. You can take this on the road at speed and also, off road for some hard core ground work, giving riders the best of both worlds. The head shape is intermediate to oval and is slightly narrow. Similar to the ARAI XD4, it can be configured 3 ways(i) Full configuration with shield and visor, (ii) Remove shield and visor a – strip it back, or (iii) Remove shield or visor. As true with many dual sport helmets, it is lightweight with an Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus (AIM+) shell – made from different composite materials. The larger than average visor has a sizeable air intake vent to channel air to the top of the helmet and it is wide. The greater width means the 3D curved shield completely seals or is flush against the eyeport beading. Behind the nose, there is a shutter that covers the direct air flow to clear and reduce fog on the shield. Like with most helmets these days, the inner lining and 5 layers of cheek pads are completely removable and washable. With a breath guard and chin curtain included, this is a good quality helmet made by a brand synonymous with premium helmets. The Shoei Hornet is exactly that, a fine quality helmet.


  • High performance ventilation and venturi system
  • Peak is designed for safety – on impact it will sheer away as opposed to cracking and slamming into riders face
  • Peak can be easily removed
  • Shield can be popped out with a coin
  • DOT and Snell certified
  • Rating 4.6 / 5


  • Higher price point
  • The peak could be longer and wider as a sun visor
  • Larger physical profile – buffets at higher roads speeds
  • Shield fogs in the cold


motorcycle helmets for children

When it comes to the Icon Variant Dual Sport helmet, it is common to hear the phrase ‘a crossover helmet’. This in fact means the same as ‘dual sport’ because the rider is crossing over from one riding terrain to another, generally from street to off-road dirt riding. The long intermediate oval shaped shell is made from a lightweight composite of fiberglass, dyneema and carbon fibers. (Dyneema is a lightweight high strength orientated gel that is spun through a spinneret to increase the overall strength of the strands). The strength of the shell is further complimented by the dual density EPS impact absorption foam. Similar to many dual sport helmets, the Icon Variant has 9 serious ventilation channels. These channels pull air in through the top, side, chin and front and suck warm moist air out the back. There is of course the removable and washable HydraDry wicking liner, which, when in position, enhances the fitment of this helmet. This helmet has a bad-boy look to it, like a battle is about to be waged. Part of this is due to the static aerodynamic hard-working peak which directs air through embedded air vents at the top supporting warm air being sucked out the back.

The extended eyeports are larger than usual and give the helmet a ‘menacing’ look. The Icon Variant Dual Sport helmet visor is signature Variant style and to remove, requires a tool to pop it out from the side, a little more challenging to remove than other visors. Also important to avoid over screwing as the threads can be damaged easily. Overall a good premium helmet from Icon.


  • DOT and ECE certified. Plus SAI (Australia), and SG (Japan) standards met
  • Redesigned anti-lift visor and wind tunnel tested
  • Super strong shell with high quality impact EPS absorption foam
  • Optically correct anti-fog shield
  • Removable chin curtain
  • Interior wicking liner can be removed and washed
  • Rating 4.2 / 5


  • Hard to remove the shield – need tools to pop it out – and avoid tightening screws too tight – wrecks the thread
  • Can be a noisy helmet
  • Drags at speed (when on highway)


motorcycle helmets for children

The Fly Trekker Hi-Viz dual sport helmet is an entry level adventure touring option which suits those riders getting into the sport for the first time due to its affordable price point. Fit is intermediate oval and it performs great both on and off road. DOT rated. Big vents (some adjustable) flow a lot of air through the chin, brow top vents and passive vents. This keeps the interior nice and cool whilst warm moist humid air is sucked out the back. The low distortion face shield can easily accommodate goggles underneath for normal riding and can slip down over the goggles when bad weather rolls in. The single screw peak can be adjusted up and down with a glove on. Everything is removable and washable with a good wicking material and cheek pads are replaceable. The Fly Trekker Hi-Viz dual sport helmet  comes in a range of colors including matte black and gloss and is a good affordable helmet from Fly.


  • Affordable entry price for an solid adventure dual sport helmet
  • Poly alloy shell construct – strong, durable and lightweight
  • Dual density EPS liner
  • 16 air vents – with some adjustable including front mouth, brow vents and rear vents
  • Multi-position ratcheting face shield
  • Adjustable peak – 1 x inch movement up or down
  • Goggles can easily be worn when shield is up or down
  • Rating 4.4 / 5


  • Noisier helmet at speed
  • With 16 vents can be cool in Winter and on colder days
  • Visor fogs in the cool


motorcycle helmets for children

The GMAX GM11D is a entry-level dual sport helmet that maintains its popularity amongst ADS riders dues to its functionality, performance and price point. The shell is made from a lightweight thermo-plastic poly alloy with a neutral to round shape. The ventilation is good with 4 main intakes – the chin, 2 x chimneys under the visor, and 1 x at the top where the peak is attached. The back exhaust and passive vents create the venturi effect where cool air is sucked in through the helmet whilst warm moist air is sucked out the back exhausts. The face shield is made from poly carb shield and has the advantage that when it is raised up, it can be pushed up all the way so that no part of the shield hangs down and is visible. The interior is made up of CoolMax mesh wicking, anti-microbial liner which is fully removable and washable. The attachments is designed so that none of the pressure points are affected by uncomfortable protruding attachments. All in all, the GMAX GM11D is a affordable helmet which is a good starting helmet if you are getting into ADS riding.


  • Great price point for a ADS helmet
  • Lightweight shell which can be configured with or without the visor
  • large eye port that accepts large goggles when visor removed
  • Good ventilation through 4 big air channel intakes, with jaw, front and top vents easy to adjust with gloves on
  • Space to integrate speakers into ear cavities
  • Rating 4.3 / 5


  • Despite the big eye ports, the space can be cramped with both goggles on and visor down


motorcycle helmets for children

The ARAI XD Explore has a reputation for being one of the top adventure touring helmets on the market, and it doesn’t come cheap. The intermediate oval shaped shell has achieved one of the highest Snell ratings possible. This is through Arai’s focus on safety from materials, shape and other design features. The shock absorbing pad layer that is sandwiched between Aria’s signature proprietary super fiber and the aerospace grade fiberglass is at the core of this safety focus. It results in a shell shape that is extremely strong, rigid and can deflect off items with little to no impact to the helmet. From a riders perspective, little to no deformity in the helmet means there is less chance it will catch on curbs  and concrete – thus minimizing injuries to the neck, shoulders and spine. The ARAI XD Explore’s aerodynamic design supports high performance ventilation channels that are crafted to minimize buffeting. Chin vents, large side cowls, brow vents, and exhaust ports support the free movement of cool air in and warm moist air out.

The comfortable interior houses fully removable and washable 5 mm peel-away cheek and temple pads that can be tailored to a riders head size and fit. The liner material is that of Dry-Cool technology which keeps a rider dry and cool especially in Summer and hotter days. Any exterior addition such as the peak, vent cover or any other extrusions are attached with nylon screws and are designed to pop off in a crash maintaining the safer round design shape of the shell. The Arai XD Explore includes a shatter-proof poly carbonate face shield similar to those on street helmets. There is also a sunshade visor that can be used by itself or with the shield down. Overall a excellent premium helmet for riders into serious dual sport riding.


  • Achieved Snell M2010 safety rating – only a few helmets have achieved this high rating.
  • Ventilation system – high performing
  • Excellent safety design features and materials- from the EPS to composite layers that make up the core of the inner shell – to minimize shell deformity. Shell shape is based on a core intermediate round shape – the exterior extrusions peel away upon impact to maintain safety-designed features of oval round shape
  • Extra comfort in head liner, cheek and temple pads – all removable and washable
  • Choice of colors, graphics and shield options
  • Rating 4.7 / 5


  • The is one of the best ADS helmets on the market so there is little to no negative feedback on this helemt other than the high end price


motorcycle helmets for children

The AFX FX-41 dual sport is not a replacement for the AFX FX-39. The AFX FX-39 is more of a dirt or off road bike with street capability whereas the AFX FX41 is the opposite. It is focused more on its street capability with off road abilities. The intermediate oval shaped shell is made from an advanced poly alloy and is light in weight. Higher performing ventilation has resulted from the 17 points of entry and exit. Starting with the chin vent divided into 6 ports to funnel air down the side of the chin bar and into the helmet. With the shield raised, cool air flows through the eye brow vents to cool and dry the interior wicking liner. The eye brow vents are also responsible for reducing fog across the shield.  If the shield is closed, the venturi process sucks in cool air via the front vents and exhausts warm moist air out the back. This steeper curve of the helmet design around the neck has the functional advantage of increasing a riders head mobility especially when checking blind spots. The shield and visor has 2 separate mounting points unlike the FX-39 which is on the 1 axel. The downside is that the FX-41 face shield needs to be removed if a rider wants to wear goggles.

The visor is smaller and lighter in the AFX FX-41 and the peak is reinforced by its bumper – which strengthens the visor and makes it more rigid and quieter at speed. The shield has been contoured to flatten out the viewing area whilst the front nose shape makes it more aerodynamic. There is also a removable internal sunshade which is operated by a lever on the exterior. A lot of the comfort in this helmet lies within the liner which is a softer material than that in t eFX-39. However, the removal of this liner takes some getting use to as it is not the simplest process. Overall this helmet is affordable and will meet any needs for ADS riding.


  • Excellent ventilation with 17 entry and exit vents
  • Affordable entry price point
  • Flip up, flush it, quick release, single turn screw face shield with side covers.
  • Optically correct shield, compound curved, scratch and UV resistant
  • A quieter ride with the stabelized peak attachment
  • DOT and ECE certified
  • Shield can be used without the visor
  • Quick release retention system
  • Good ear cavity space for speakers
  • Removable and washable interior
  • Rating 4 / 5


  • Slightly difficult to remove the inner liner
  • If rider wants to wear goggle, the face shield needs to be removed
  • Trade-off for the ventilation in it is a noisy helmet
  • May not be warm enough for Winter or cooler day rides

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What Should I Know About Bluetooth Headsets Before I Buy One?

Bluetooth Headset
Bluetooth headset for motorcycle

Sena SMH10D-10 BT Headset Intercom 2 Count

A lot of riders choose to gear up their helmet with their choice of Bluetooth communications systems rather than buy a helmet with Bluetooth ready fitted. This enables the rider to select from a range of options and customize to their current and future needs. If you are in the market for a new Bluetooth Headset or kit and not sure where to start, the following features are the bare minimum requirements you should consider before spending any money.

Bluetooth headset for motorcycle

Sena SPH10H-01 BT Stereo Headset Intercom Half Helmets

Are you likely to go out for a group ride?  If you are, the number of riders you want to pair (connect) your communications with whilst out riding is something you need to consider with your Bluetooth headset. If there are 8 riders in your group or more, you will need to know which Bluetooth systems can stretch to 8+ riders. Some Bluetooth systems, like the Sena range’s intercoms can suit 4 – 10 riders depending on the model.
Have a good idea of how many people you may be riding with at any given time – and then ask for the appropriate intercom that will suit your needs.
Not all systems will allow for your friends to talk and listen at the same time, some requiring toggling between riders only allowing for 1 rider to speak at a time. Check that the Bluetooth units you are looking at enables all riders to speak and listen simultaneously .i.e. Bluetooth systems allow for the flow of backwards and forwards communications with all riders linked into the Bluetooth system.

Bluetooth headset for motorcycle

Sena BT Headset FM Tuner Intercom Kit Full Face Helmet

This type of Bluetooth system is exactly as the name suggests, a hands free system that is activated by a voice prompt. Also known as Dynamic Communication, this Bluetooth system allows for a safer hands-free experience through speaking into the mic while riding.
When you speak into the mic, this will activate the dynamic communication – so that you can answer your phone, conference call others, listen to music and access your GPS navigation directions. The idea is that there are no fussing with dials or switches – meaning no need to take your hands off your bike which enhances safety.
Note that there can be significant variations between Bluetooth headsets and their range. If you simply want a headset that can communicate with your passenger or one other rider, then you will find that this is generally well catered for. The greater range that you want, with some Bluetooth systems ranging from 30 yards to 1 mile, generally the more pricey the system is going to be. Other obstacles that are going to affect the range of a Bluetooth headset will depend on the landscape you are riding in. If you are in an urban built up area with buildings, your range will be impacted more than if you are riding out in the country.

This is the amount of time you will be able to speak on your headset, usually provided in hours. This can range from 6 hours to 10 hours.

This is the amount of time your battery headset will last before it will need to be replaced. This measure is usually provided in days.

Bluetooth Headset for motorcycle

Shark SHKC6800 Black 1000 Watt 4 Ch Audio System

Sound – funnily enough, with the many features and cool things that a Bluetooth system can do, sometimes the sound quality can be forgotten. So be sure to check this, perhaps ask for a test-drive of one of the Bluetooth headset devices in your local store. If this is not possible, check out bike forums or read reviews online of the headset you are considering. Usually you will find someone somewhere has something to say about the headset you are considering.
This is a like an amp-up booster that enhances the sounds you are hearing out of your speaker or ear phones whether that is music or someone’s voice.

As with a dynamic communication system, you may find Bluetooth headsets that can provide navigational directions to you through a voice prompt. Naturally this is a safer option as the less a riders hands leave the bike, the safer they will be.

Universal Intercom allows for the pairing from one brand device to other brands of Bluetooth headsets. This is particularly important if you have a different brand of Bluetooth to others in your riding group. Brand compatibility is becoming much more common now with many Bluetooth Headset companies getting on board with the need for riders to be able to connect to other riders who have a difference taste in headsets.
You will also want to check compatibility with your phone, to ensure that your phone can function with your Bluetooth headset with ease and clarity. Along with this, check that you can stream your music with the device you are buying. Most devices will enable you to stream your music to the group or the passenger you are riding with.

It is always important to note how long the battery will last (talk time) and the charging time. Also, ask what type of battery the headset will require. Some headsets use lithium polymer and average charging time is about 2.5 hours.

Bluetooth headset for motorcycle

Vnetphone V5 1200m BT Headset

Weather as we know is unpredictable, there for a water resistant system in essential so that you are covered in more ways than one.

After investing in the Bluetooth headset kit, the first thing you’ll need to do is attach the headset clamp and position it in your helmet so that the mic is placed comfortably.

The motorcycle helmet speakers will need to be installed with care so that they don’t damage the internal head or cheek padding. To check the placement of the set, put on your helmet multiple times to ensure its convenient position.
Note that most Bluetooth speaker kits purchased can be installed easily into most helmets, sometimes within 1 hour. If you are purchasing a kit at a local store, ask the attendant if they will do the install for you, or if you want to do it yourself, ask them to instruct you how to do it.

•    Noise cancellation and wind noise reduction
•    Warranty period
Above are some of the basic features of a Bluetooth headset. Good luck with your selection and if you want to compare against helmets already kitted out, check out our Top 10 Bluetooth Helmets.

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High-Tech Motorcycle Helmets and Augmented Reality

Skully AR 1 motorcycle helmet

Heard of the Skully AR- I Revolution?

Most riders will have heard about Skully AR-I by now. It has been touted as the beginning of the “motorcycle technology revolution”.

Initially it made headlines because the prototype and end product (at least today’s end product) was funded by 1.3 million dollars via crowdfunding on Indiegogo. In fact, the Skully Helmet project raised more funding than any other tech campaign in Indiegogo’s history.

The first prototype was brought out in 2013 and resulted in a flooding of orders globally. The features include:

  • a heads up system which displays information approx 10 feet in front of the rider (sort of like a distant version of Google Glasses)
  • 180 degree rear view camera
  • GPS navigation directions -at your request
  • smartphone compatibility
  • electrochromotic e-tint feature – allowing riders to combat bright glaring sunlight by electronically making the visor darker
  • audio, phone calls, music features controlled by voice command
  • a remote control on the motorcycles handlebar

The origins of the helmet came from Skully’s CEO Marcus Weller. He had been out riding, turned to look at a street sign when the car in front of him stopped short. While recuperating from his accident a few months later, Weller said  he came up with the idea for a GPS-map showing on a screen-like-hologram in front of his moving  bike.

Later when describing the new Skully Helmet, Weller said “It takes fighter pilot technology and sort of makes it accessible for the average motorcyclists”.

As for the price….having a look at the youtube demo in the right hand column… it may just be in your budget…?

Is This The Beginning of The Motorcycle Technology Revolution?

The Skully Helmet

What Lies Behind The Scully Helmet Design?

Helmet Shell Construction Technology And Other Advances


SMART HELMETS – there are helmets shells constructed from thermodynamically composite technology material that that makes equipment extremely aerodynamic. These are known as Smart Helmets.

They have the ability to soak up enough energy during an initial shock so that the helmet retains most of its structure after the accident. This is obviously better for the skull inside the helmet, and if there has been any sort of neck injury, the helmet will remain supporting the head and not compound the injury.

PERFECT-FIT HELMETS – Did you know that there are some helmet brands that hold an inflation system so that you can pump-up internal pads so the helmet will fit like a glove around your head?

The Scorpion EXO-R2000 has the Airfit System providing cheek pad inflation. The cheek pads use an air inflation system situated in the helmet which allows you to customize the fit.

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What Are The Best Bluetooth Helmets For Motorcycles?

bluetooth helmets

BLUETOOTH HELMETS … are not created equal. This is especially the case for those focused on the motorcycle market. If you are currently looking around for the best bluetooth helmets for your motorcycle, you must consider the following features when reviewing different models –

  • EASE OF USE – the ability to freely converse with your fellow riders without fumbling for small dials or buttons
  • VOICE CONTROL – integrated technology using voice control for phone calls, GPS directions and applications
  • DEVICE COMPATIBILITY – ability to connect to computer technology to transmit your trip to family and friends
  • COVERAGE – consider range, number of riders and devices it can be paired with
  • BATTERY TIME – talking time and standby time
  • WEIGHT – a bluetooth system adds extra weight
  • VENTILATION – the communications system can warm up the helmet interior, ventilation must perform well

Below are the reviews for the Top 8 Bluetooth Helmets.

Note … some bluetooth helmets are purpose built for specific bluetooth communication units, however they do not come standard with the system included. The communications system is an extra cost.

#1. HJC IS-MAX Bluetooth Helmet

motorcycle helmets for children

To kick off our Bluetooth Helmet reviews, we are going to start with the HJC IS-MAX Bluetooth helmet. If you are at all familiar with HJC, you know that they make premium lightweight helmets. This one is no different in that shell is made from a polycarbonate composite material which is light, aerodynamic and has excellent road visibility due to the big eye port. When it comes to safety and impact absorption, the EPS liner has multiple density layers. The Bluetooth component is ready with an exterior module recess and interior speaker cavities. Although the Bluetooth comms system (ChatterBox XBi2-H Bluetooth Intercom) is an extra cost, the built-in recess pocket with panel cover allows the XBi2-H unit to integrate smoothly with the IS-MAX helmet, supporting the ergonomic design of this helmet. HJC have incorporated the ACS Advanced Channeling ventilation system into the IS-MAX which means the multi stage intake vents in conjunction with the rear exit vents provide quality air flow through the helmet. Similarly, the chin bar intake vent minimizes shield fogging by flowing air over the shield interior. Like with most good helmets, the inner lining is removable and washable with a moisture wicking and odor free interior. This is a decent HJC Bluetooth helmet which comes at an affordable price.


  • This modular helmet comes Bluetooth ready
  • Good price and quality
  • Premium shell and fits well due to inclusion of CAD technology
  • Flip-up chin bar makes communicating very easy
  • Ventilation is excellent
  • QuickSlide Shield (Pinlock-ready) replacement system makes it easy to remove and replace the shield – tool-free
  • Rating 4.5 / 5


  • The Bluetooth comms system is an add-on cost
  • Like with some modulars, it can be noisy when travelling at higher at speeds
  • Some complaints about the SunShield visor system although it deploys and retracts quickly, some riders prefer to wear their own and this visor minimizes space to do that

#2. O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet

motorcycle helmets for children

The O’Neal Commander Full Face Hi-Viz Bluetooth helmet shell is made from ABS and poly carbon and carries DOT and EVE approval. The EPS foam liner is multi-piece and multi-density – which means it further enhances the impact absorption rating of the Commander. It is a long oval head shape shell and runs true to the sizing chart. It, like many other fully kitted out Bluetooth helmets, has a lower physical profile due to the Bluetooth communications system being fully integrated into the helmet. With the unit being recessed further into the shell, it makes the unit more stable and easier to operate, and doesn’t buffer as much at higher speeds. The Bluetooth 2.0 technology platform is the Blinc Bluetooth system run by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. This battery must be charged up before you can get good use of the comms system. Once the battery is charged, it is then ready to be synced to a GPS, cell phone, mp3 player or another helmet. It has an optically correct face shield with an inbuilt spring loaded sunshield which deploys easily using an external lever. The removal and replacement of the external shield is simple by using the quick release system.

Another plus is the eye-ports gasket – it seals well which means that exterior noise is reduced. Important with a integrated communications system helmet is the need to have it vent well, and this helmet does just that. The O’Neal Commander’s adjustable vents at the crown work well with exhaust vent ports that are integrated into the spoiler . This works by drawing cool air into the helmet and extract hot air out. There is also an adjustable vent on the chin bar to reduce shield fog. Not such an easy feat to accomplish with a integrated communications system, but O’Neal have done it well with the Commander. The cheek pads are pronounced near the eye port and extend to the top of the forehead inner liner are specifically designed to enhance the communications system sound and reduce external noise.


  • Quiet helmet which enhances the sound from the Bluetooth 2.0 comms system
  • 10 hours of talk time, 130 hours of standby
  • 2 high quality stereo speakers
  • 1 touch control for making, answering or rejecting calls
  • fully removable and washable cheek pads and inner liner
  • FCC approved
  • Lightweight for a fully integrated communications helmet
  • Rating 4 / 5 


  • Can only be synced with 1 other helmet and that helmet must be within 10 yards of the base helmet
  • Sunshield on the helmet has been known to get stuck
  • Face shield can get foggy
  • The alert noise that first comes through the speakers when first turned on is extremely LOUD – do this BEFORE putting it on your head

#3. Schuberth S2 Lines Helmet

motorcycle helmets for children

Schuberth, like a few other top premium motorcycle helmet companies, have built a wind tunnel as part of their helmet research and development facilities. The Schuberth S2 has benefited from countless hours of designing, experimenting and testing in the respective acoustic-wind tunnel. The quality of the Schuberth S2 can be found starting with the lightweight Triple Max Shell which is available in 2 sizes. Providing superior ventilation, this helmet which exceeds ECE and DOT standards is made as a consequence of the glass fibers taken to a high temperature, special resin added and then pressurized so that the finished product has superior strength. The EPS foam is the result of many layers of foam compacted together to optimize absorption shock. The SRCS Bluetooth communication system (added cost) is supported by the Bluetooth Receiver Antenna and the integrated 31 inch FM antennae – which greatly improves reception and and range for the fully integrated system.Further enhancements are derived by what is termed ‘the absolute quietness’ of the Schubeth S2.

The aerodynamic features that reduce drag and lift promote noise reduction, and further comfort for the rider. Other features include the Anti-Roll-Off System (AROS) which is a signature Schuberth safety feature ensuring the helmet cannot rotate off the head from behind, and the chin strap is closed and adjusted accordingly. The S2 comes with a PinLock face shield, a drop-down visor, COOLMAX interior which can be removed and washed. The Schuberth S2 is one of the highest quality, lightest and strongest helmets on the market.


  • Superior designed helmet shell and extremely strong
  • Interchangeable comfort cheek and liner pads
  • COOLMAX removable interior
  • PinLock face shield – condensation free visibility
  • Exceeds DOT and ECE standards
  • AROS safety system
  • Rating 4.1 / 5


  • This is a top-end expensive helmet
  • The Bluetooth SRCS Communications system is extra
  • Clear face shield included as the standard

#4. Shark Sharktooth 2.1 Bluetooth Helmet Communication System

motorcycle helmets for children

The Sharktooth 2.1 Bluetooth Communication system is suited to Shark helmets and caters for a maximum of 8 paired devices. The helmet is the add-on cost, but we thought it worthwhile to look at signature Bluetooth systems for specific helmet brands. This Sharktooth 2.1 hands free system enables an alert when the device is connected to another device. This system is built with a VOX command which means you can accept or reject a call coming in by simply using your voice to state what you want. Think Suri in smartphones – same feature. It includes stereo music streaming, digital volume control, voice recognition dialling and up to 10 hours talking time- whether that be mobile, intercom conversation or streaming music. As for the standby time, it is a luxury at 700 hours per month. If you find yourself picking up speed whilst using the Sharktooth 2.1, there is an automatic volume adjustment to surrounding ambient noise and speed levels. If the outside noise gets louder, the volume of the comms system will adjust automatically so that you don’t miss a beat. Although this Bluetooth system is made with Shark helmets in mind, Shark have made them compatible with most other helmets on the market – and they are very easy to install.

The battery lasts about 4 hours and you can connect with fellow riders up to 400 meters with the intercom and 10 meters with phone range. This is what we would call a premium Bluetooth Comms system, and if you have a Shark helmet, this is a great match-up if you’re in the market.


  • This Bluetooth system is easy to install and compatible with most other helmet brands
  • 700 hours standby time per month
  • Full DSP noise reduction
  • Easy to locate multi-point features
  • Voice controlled features- calls (receiving and making)
  • Music streaming to other connected riders
  • Rating 4.0 / 5


  • We’ve heard of riders not being able to hear music when they were moving at speed – could be the helmet or their installation – or simply the Sharktooth 2.1 system
  • If you are not using a Shark helmet, there may be no Shark slit to easy accommodate the Bluetooth being mounted
  • Difficult to use the command function with gloves on
  • Audio levels in the ears can vary after a while

#5. HJC IS-MAXBT Sprint Bluetooth Modular Helmet 

motorcycle helmets for children

HJC is a popular brand when it comes to modulars. The HJC IS-MAX Sprint has the added bonus of being a Bluetooth helmet. This particular model is made from a lightweight polycarbonate composite shell and has a multiple density EPS liner. The XBi2-H wireless unit is integrated with the HJC helmet making it more aerodynamic with a reduced physical profile. Thus minimizing wind resistance, buffeting and providing surprisingly good ventilation. The multi stage air vents work with the rear vents to bring in cool air and suck warm moist air out the back. A vent at the chin bar promotes further air circulation across the HJ-17 shield reducing fog. The optically correct shield offers 95% UV protection and employs the QuickShield replacement system – quick and simple to remove and replace – with no tools required. The eye ports on the HJC IS-MAX Sprint are larger than normal, providing greater visibility when compared to other modulars on the market. A sunshield visor is included offering 3 different stage positions -with easy deployment and retraction.

As with most modulars these days, the Silvercool liner and inner padding is removable and washable. This helmet meets DOT standards.


  • Lightweight and made from polycarbonate composite shell which is DOT certified
  • Multiple density EPS lines – for impact absorption
  • ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System
  • Multiple optional Face shields and Sun shields available + QuickSlide shield system – no tools required
  • Nylon Strap-Retention band
  • Rating 4.8 / 5


  • The size chart can run small with this model – try on a few sizes before making your final selection
  • Shaded visor is very light, preferences for it to be darker tint
  • A breath box and a Quick-release chin strap would be an advantage

#6. Vega Summit 3.0 Modular Bluetooth Helmet

motorcycle helmets for children

The Vega Summit 3.0 Modular helmet is at the more affordable end of the market when it comes to Bluetooth helmets. The Bluetooth Communications System, is an add-on, allowing wireless syncing to most Bluetooth enabled cell phones, MP3 players and GPS devices. With this helmet, you have the option to buy the helmet with the recommended pre-installed Bluetooth Comms system OR you can order the Bluetooth kit separately and install it yourself.  (The BT kit is called the Summit V-Comm). It meets DOT and ECE standards and is made out of  a light thermoplastic shell. The ventilation in this helmet is good with a brow vent at the crown which is a stage vent allowing the air to come in through the vent and exhaust out any of the back 3 vents. There is an integrated spoiler at the back which supports the venturi affect – which results in the pressure behind the helmet pulling cool air in through the front and sucking warm moist air out the back vents. There is a chin vent prevents the shield from fogging up inside, and comes in a range of colors, including tints, smoked, anti-fog options and mirrored version.

The shield is optically correct and with a slight amount of effort, can be popped out without tools. A smoked tinted interior drop-down sunshield is included and can be operated with gloves on via side levers. The Vega Summits’ modular cheek bar locks up into the up position and cannot easily move between both stages without human intervention. The inside liners and cheek pads(made using wicking fiber) can be removed and washed. This is a good helmet for your money, especially with the Bluetooth capability.


  • An affordably priced Bluetooth enabled helmet
  • Can buy with Bluetooth pre-installed or buy both the helmet and kit separately and install yourself
  • DOT and ECE certified
  • Large range of colors, tints, and options for face shield
  • Built in sun visor
  • Liners are interchangeable for custom fit within the size range
  • Modular design allows for convenient one-handed operation – easy to put on and get off with gloves
  • Adjustable 2 – stage chin vent – reduces fogging
  • Rating 4.1 / 5


  • The Bluetooth Coms System (V-Com) is extra
  • If using an alternative Bluetooth Coms set, the holes for the speakers are small – be sure to check this before you invest in speakers or the helmet
  • A few negative comments about the shell composition – suggesting that it doesn’t feel that strong
  • A little noisy
  • Vents are weak – not much airflow

#7. BiLT Techno Bluetooth Modular Helmet

motorcycle helmets for children

The BiLT Techno Bluetooth helmet is one of the most technologically advanced helmets that BiLT has produced.  The shell is made from an injection molded polycarbonate shell meeting DOT standards. The integrated DWO-3 Bluetooth system provides mobile phone communications, can be synced with Bluetooth enabled devices (eg. MP3 player), paired with other Techno helmets for intercom communications, and provide GPS navigation instructions. The ventilation on this helmet is good including the chin mounted air flow vents that can be opened or closed. There are also the rear mesh exhaust vents that assists air being pulled into the front whilst warm air is being sucked out the back. The face shield has quick release and a clear locking function. The modular flip up design is comprised of a metal to metal latching system. This seems to be a helmet quite a lot of riders choose as their helmet for colder temperatures or Winter riding. We would consider the BiLT Techno a reasonable helmet for the price.


  • A affordable helmet for a Bluetooth enabled, DOT certified helmet
  • Integrated DWO-3 Bluetooth communications system
  • Easy to switch between bike-to-bike intercom and music
  • The air vents are easy to operate
  • Repeated reviews stating the helmet is a comfortable fit
  • Controls are easy to operate with gloves on
  • Rating 3.9 / 5


  • Some debate here with the sound, whilst some riders claim that the speakers are great, others have stated that due to their small size, it is hard to hear what other riders are saying over the intercom at any speeds above 80mph
  • Bit noisy
  • Ventilation could be improved – visor fogs up easily
  • Higher physical profile than other Bluetooth helmets – noisy and more buffeting

#8. Torc Coupe Blinc Technology Bluetooth T-10B Helmet 

motorcycle helmets for children

The Torc Coupe Bluetooth Adult Prodigy T-10B helmet is made from a lightweight advanced ABS shell and is DOT approved. It includes the Blinc hands free Bluetooth communication system which enables rider to make and take calls from a Bluetooth phone, sync to MP3 player and GPS nav units. Incoming calls overrides rider intercom, music and nav directions –  which can be a help or a hindrance, depending on your preference. The intercom distance is reasonable at a 100 foot distance, with talk time at 8 hours and standby at 150 hours. The Bluetooth is powered by a lithium battery and is stated to be weather resistant – which is different from ‘waterproof’. The inner lining and cheek pads are removable and washable. The Torc Coupe is a reasonable helmet, but there is not a lot of feedback on this one at this time.


  • A solid helmet and at a price point that is reasonable for a Bluetooth helmet
  • Lightweight advanced ABS shell
  • Chin and crown vents are adjustable
  • Quick release, fog and scratch resistant shield
  • Multi- pairing capability with Bluetooth phones, GPS, MP3 player


  • Incoming calls overrides all other functions in progress as opposed to allowing the rider to have the choice to take or ignore a call.
  • Not a lot of riders have chosen this helmet, and provided feedback – it could be that it is a lesser known brand or that it does not have the features that most riders like

There are generally 2 types of Bluetooth helmets, those that have a Bluetooth communications system already pre-installed, and those that are Bluetooth compatible. The later type generally come with a suggested Bluetooth communications systems recommended for their specific helmet. One of the most common mistakes made by riders installing Bluetooth helmets is the actual installation of the communications system.

If you are intent on installing the Bluetooth system yourself, we suggest you go over the process with the company you bought the helmet from first. Then back this up with research – watch a lot of youtube or ‘motorcycle-shops’ online videos that show step-by-step instructions of how to install the kit.

A key to this research is watch the installation of the Bluetooth system you have chosen with the specific helmet you want to install the system into. A different helmet will have different size speaker cavities, different EPS system and ventilation channels – which means you will not be following like-for-like instructions. Good luck if you choose to install yourself, and if you want more information on different sorts of Bluetooth communications systems, check out our review on Bluetooth Headsets.

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There are many great full face helmets available that provide full face protection, and some now offer unique support to the neck region. Because these helmets provide full coverage, advanced technology and systems in ventilation, have made certain full face helmets the most […read more…]


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The Ultimate Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

REVISED : November 26th 2016

FULL FACE HELMETS are becoming one of the most popular choices amongst riders. Full Face helmets provide total face protection. With more than 30% of accidents on a motorcycle affecting the nose and mouth area, full face helmets offer greater protection to the entire face area. They are comfortable all year round, with the better brands offering high performing ventilation systems. Motorcycle helmet manufacturers are taking full advantage of their own wind-test tunnels, new technology, composite shell materials, aerodynamic designs and high performing elements.
Here are the Top 10 x Full Face Helmet Reviews

#1. Bell Vortex Helmet – Solid

motorcycle helmets for children

Bell have consistently produced full face helmets that are staples, meaning that they are the long term preferred choice for many riders. This is due to their recognisable signature look and the quality craftsmanship that is put into the making of their helmets. The Full Face Bell Vortex is a quality example of that. At an affordable entry price, the Bell Vortex in both graphic or solid color, can be worn in many different riding scenarios and is a Snell 2010 certified helmet. The design and shape is aggressive in its profile and highly suited to tuck position or used as an 3/4 alternative helmet.

The shape itself wins a lot of riders over because it is suited to different head shapes being a oval to intermediate shaped helmet. That means, the helmet is slightly longer front to back and really caters for the middle range head shapes.  Most riders will choose a lighter helmet – and fortunately the Bell Vortex is a light helmet in itself coming in at the 600gm mark. The great thing about this helmet, despite it being a lower price, it is still made from high quality polycarbonate shell, which cannot be said about it’s peers in the same price band.

Important whether riding long or shot distances, the ventilation is good and it works! There is a chin and brow vent, chimney vent and EPS vents, with extractors sucking out the warm moist air out the back of the helmet like many good helmet designs do today. The front vents can be opened and closed depending on your choice of air flow and the weather. Vents on front can be opened and closed. The shield is a drawcard as it is made from the Bell photo-chromatic material, which means that when the suns UV rays hit the shield, it tints to minimise the glare affect. It also includes UV protection and anti-fog coating on the inside. The ease with which the shield can be snapped in and out is a big bonus. If you have been on a long ride and looking to cool down, the fact that the inner wicking comfort liner can be pulled out, dunked into water, squeezed and then put back in the helmet for the rest of the ride, keeping your head cool, continues to win over many riders. Bell consistently draws upon neat design features like the magnet on the chin strap that stows away any excess strap so it doesn’t flap around during a ride. Also, any pressure points are limited inside the helmet around the inner lining where Bell have chosen to minimize the number of snaps and placed them away from known head pressure points to enhance the comfort of the helmet. All in all, the Bell Vortex is a quality full face helmet and right in that affordable price range for beginning to experienced riders.


  • Price – affordable
  • Design features – reduce pressure points and enhance inner comfort
  • Inner lining and wicking material – can remove all the inside, wash and replace. Can also adjust cheek pad sizes if too roomy or scarce in space.
  • There is ample space for a Bluetooth system and speakers to be placed into the cut out areas situated near the ear positions inside the helmet.
  • Rating 4.5 / 5


If you want the extra photo-chromatic face shield, you have to buy as an extra because the initial helmet does not come standard with it. It only includes a clear face shield

#2. Bell Bullitt Helmet

motorcycle helmets for children

The Bell Bullitt – which went through a design evolution in 2014, made what was old, new again. It is the classical retro style that works for the rider inclined towards a vintage style design. The style itself comes in a graphics model, matte or gloss with a flat shield or a bubble. It comes with a clear face shield and, for those who want a bit more color or customisation, there is also a choice of different retro colored shields.  The shield can be easily removed very simply using a coin to remove the side pods and can be just as easily clicked back into place. Just under the shield, Bell have include a neat design feature in the magnet that further stablelizes the shield locking into position. An oval shaped, slightly longer front to back helmet with 3 shell sizes and 3 EPS liner sizes. The shell is extremely lightweight, made from full fiberglass shell, premium and strong.  The vent scheme in the Bell Bullitt is excellent with the chin vent that can be operated behind the chin bar (i.e. opened and closed from behind). There are 4 vents along the brow which directly vent to the EPS liner which are wire mesh with a neat trim on each vent. There is a ridge at the back which is supports the venturi system – sucking out any moist warm air during rides.

The trim inside this helmet is black with a full grained leather neck roll supporting the quality finish of this helmet. The comfort liner and inner cheek pads (wicking material) can be completely removed with an option of placing cutouts to insert speakers. However, having a clunky comms system stuck to the exterior of this premium helmet could cheapen the look and desirable retro style of the Bullitt. The versatility of this helmet and ability to customize the colors both in the shield and shell, paired with the full-out leather trimming and premium finishes makes this helmet one of the preferred full face’s on the market.


  • The inside is like a dream-fit with the leather trim and finishings – no pressure points because of smart snap lock placement
  • Shell is high quality material
  • Inside lining fully removeable and washable
  • Versatility – colors and shield (bubble or flat)
  • Rating 4.3 / 5


  • There is a lot of ‘noise about the noise’ –  over 40mph the sound factor is really noticeable. If you look down at your gauges or lean forward – there is a lot of wind/noise coming in from the top of the face shield.
  • The sizing has been said to run small in the Bullitt
  • Priced at premium level
  • The visor can scratch the helmet when raised or lowered – need to check there is enough space without there being too big of a gap.

#3. Arai RX-Q Helmet

motorcycle helmets for children

Arai, who are a family owned company that have been making helmets for over 30 years,. They are once again a highly preferred staple brand helmet for long term riders and motorcycle enthusiasts. This is because of the evolution of design features and creature comforts that Arai manufacturers consider when putting a helmet together. Each helmet is a 100% handmade and goes through a 3 step inspection process, with includes a 5 year limited warranty.

The Arai RX-Q street helmet is a fine example of the design detail when it comes to a quality full face helmet. This piece of equipment is the top of the line of full face motorcycle helmets, and is designed to be the ultimate in street helmets. A popular choice amongst upright, 3/4 and dual sports enthusiasts, it is highly suited as a racing helmet due to its aerodynamic shell shape and profile. It weighs in at 1597 grams and exceeds Snell and DOT standards. Similar to the Bell Vortex, the Arai RX-Q is built to please the rider and make their ride as comfortable as physically possible.

The advanced ventilation is similar to that of the Arai Corsair V. Air inlets, brow and side vents duct air into the temple and out of the side vents for cooling. The newly designed side exhaust cowls exhaust heat as well as add lateral stability at speed. This particular air flow and ventilation system suits the 3/4 upright riding position. To compliment rider visibility, this helmet has the widest periphery of any helmet which makes it outstanding for all riding scenarios. To translate, there is now an extra 5mms visibility on each side in the riders peripheral vision. The shield pods have been slightly moved off to the side and towards the back, which optimises the noise level for long distance riding on a normal ‘non-track’ bike. The brand new cheek pads have the exclusive emergency release tab feature and are all fully removable and washable. Not only is this one of the best quality and safest helmets on the market, it is also the most comfortable helmet.


  • One of the quietest helmets available
  • Extreme visibility
  • More comfortable inner liner
  • Improved ventilation provides better air flow, and now also exhausts out to the side
  • Stability -has been improved with a reengineered ventilation configuration – the front vents are now in a different position suited to street riding- side winglets stabilise the helmet – rear diffuser that is pulled back minimising the vacuum force that wants to pull your back whilst riding.
  • Chin spoiler for air buffeting
  • Rating 5 / 5


Previous Arai face shields will not fit this helmet

#4. AFX FX-90 Helmet

motorcycle helmets for children

The AFX company has been producing helmets for 20 years and continues to roll out affordable helmets which meet ECE, DOT and Snell safety standards. The AFX FX-90 is a popular full face helmet with an aerodynamic shell design. It has a clear finish that protects both the graphics and the paint. It is made from a light weight poly-alloy composite and the shape is intermediate oval, which means it will fit most head shapes. The ventilation has 7 points which vents at the chin, side, rear and forehead making for a comfortable ride, especially in a warmer climate.

The inner lining is removable and washable, always a bonus on long rides. The pads themselves are made with hypo-allergenic and antimicrobial material, with amply space left near the ears for a Bluetooth or communications system. The face shield is optically correct, scratch resistant and has UV protection. The AFX FX-90 sizing runs a little larger so best to trial a few sizes before you make your purchase.

All in all, a very good entry level helmet that is a versatile and offers good protection and rider comforts.


  • Affordable Full face helmet with rider comfort features
  • Nose and chin guard are easily removable
  • Meets Snell, DOT and ECE safety standards
  • Included is a Lifetime Manufacturing warranty
  • Space to fit a communications and speakers system with ease
  • Rating 4.2 / 5


  • The upper and lower air vents can be either hard to open or can open too easily during higher speeds
  • Sizing needs to be checked – don’t go off a chart because many riders have said they had to go up or down a size
  • A few issues with cheek padding – from the positioning not perfect aligned with the jaw to the pads becoming loose after a few rides

#5. Speed and Strength SS14oo Full Battle Rattle

motorcycle helmets for children

Speed and Strength, whom go by the mantra “Faster, Stronger” continue to maintain their high standards amongst their helmets, especially in the full face models. Such as the SS1400 Full Battle Rattle – the phrase used for a military soldier fully geared up and ready to hit the ground running.  This military inspired helmet (depicting military soldiers and stars) comes in a range of graphics from high-viz to matt black , red and neutral. It is one very affordable helmet meeting and exceeding Snell and Dot safety standards. It’s housed in SS’s signature Advanced Fiberglass Composite Shell (AFCS) and is an intermediate to oval head shape.  For comfort, the deluxe inner lining is fully removable and washable with a cool moisture liner made from their trademark Cool-Core material.

It’s a reasonable lighter weight helmet coming in at 16oo grams with, once again, Speed and Strength’s trademarked ventilation system called Air Strike. This vent system allows for air flow to course directly through the helmet allowing for good quality air circulation and complimented by the inner venturi vent off the back.

With regard to the shield, the SS1400 has the All Clear! optically correct anti-scratch, anti-fog and UV resistant face shield is included as the standard shield. And if you want a smoked or tinted face shield for day time riding, they have one as an extra option.


  • This is a high quality, affordable helmet meeting Dot and Snell safety standards
  • Excellent ventilation system
  • Speed strap quick release chin strap
  • Removable chin curtain and breath guard – great for hotter days
  • Lock N Load shield replacement system
  • Rating 5 / 5


No bad reviews on this helmet, it has been rated a 5 /5

#6. Shoei Qwest Passage TC5 Helmet

motorcycle helmets for children

Another quality full face helmet offering from Shoei is the Qwest Passage Tc5, specifically built as a lightweight, low-noise and ‘superior rider comfort’ helmet. Once again a product of the experiments and testing Shoei do in their wind tunnel factory facility. The shell, Snell certified, is lightweight, resilient and rigid – made from carbon fiber / fiber glass composite and is ideal for touring. The internal shape is slightly round oval and Shoei have released 4 x individual shell sizes to keep a really low profile. The EPS liner has a dual layer which enhances safety and shock absorption, and the helmet offers a choice between 6 x EPS liner sizes which aim to fit a range of head sizes. With an effective ventilation system, the Qwest Passage’s upper air intake is located to max out air volume coming into the helmet and maximize performance and comfort in windy conditions. The vents themselves are very easy to operate whilst the rear and neck outlets allow for air to be easily exhausted out. The CW-1 visor is is included with the Q.R.S.A system – guaranteeing a tight seal at the face shield and a wider than normal periphery view. Safety is considered in all aspects of the design features in this helmet, and although quite a pricey helmet, Shoei have made no compromises with this helmet.


  • Quality premium helmet – meeting Snell safety standards
  • Lightweight shell – minimizing profile by offering a range of sizes (4) and EPS liners (6)
  • Excellent ventilation system and air flow performance
  • Superior high performance fiber materials creating rigid, resilient and strong helmet
  • Can wear glasses under the shield with ease
  • Chin curtain and Breath guard are included
  • Rating 4.5 / 5


  • Higher priced helmet
  • Matte black color – scratches easily
  • Chin strap of helmet – uncomfortable until broken in
  • Shield can fog up easily – breath guard could work better


motorcycle helmets for children

The GMAX GM69 full face helmet is a follow on from GMAX’s successful GM68 helmet. It is a lightweight helmet that come sin several shell shapes and made from a thermo-poly alloy shell. With solid ventilation, the air intakes start at the front where the air dam directs hot breath air away from the shield and reduce fogging at the same time. The adjustable chin vent performs a similar function with fog reduction and direction of air through the helmet. The vents at the top can be adjusted and can easily be adjusted with gloves on. The cheek pads, vented chin curtain and rear neck roll shape all work together to reduce noise and air flow leakages. The large eye ports provide extended vision with the anti-scratch optically correct shield which can be interchanged with clear or tinted version. ThisGMAX GM69 full face helmet is an extremely affordable helmet and is a comfortable fit.


  • Affordable and well designed modular helmet
  • Great ventilation
  • Includes both clear and tinted shield
  • DOT approved
  • Rating 4.6 / 5


  • Can be noisy – top vents whistle at speed
  • Cheek padding is thin
  • Sizing may run small for some heads


motorcycle helmets for children

Another quality offering from Bell, the Bell Clutch Adult Qualifier is an aggressive looking looking helmet matched with an affordable price. Design features have resulted in a tight aerodynamic streamlined shell with Bell’s signature QuickRelease face shield system. It performs in any riding position, with superior ventilation housed in a lightweight polycarbonate shell. The interior is kitted out with contoured cheek pads, a removable and washable liner, integrated speaker pockets for a comms system for speakers and a padded wind collar that keeps the cold air and noise out. The shell comes in 3 sizes and is DOT approved. The Bell Clutch Adult Qualifier is a great entry level to the full face class and its performance is up there with the better full face helmets in both safety and design.


  • Good price point for a full face helmet
  • DOT certified
  • 3 sizes that run to the chart
  • Padded strap ring with D-Closure
  • Integrated speakers for audio
  • Rating 4.6 / 5


  • Suspected air leaks make it slightly on the louder side
  • Benefit from a chin curtain
  • Physical profile on bulky side
  • Condensation and fog an issue

#9. AGV Diesel Full-Jack Helmet

motorcycle helmets for children

AVG is an Italian company which started out making motorcycle seats in 1920 and later, in 1947 made the transition to produce helmets. Although the company was bought out by Dainese in 2007, the AVG brand had enjoyed considerable popularity and support with some of the sports best motorcycle riders including Valentino Rossi and Giacomo Agostini.

The AVG Diesel Full Jack helmet is one of the best sellers in the AVG product range and holds its sway due to its superior technical features and the signature Diesel customised design. The shell is made from a high resistant thermoplastic resin which is light to wear especially for those longer rides. The ventilation is good with air vents at the front and and chin guard. The air flow continues throughout the helmet supported by the 2 side extractors and a rear extractor integrated into a rear spoiler – which sucks out warm moist air.

AVG’s Diesel shield is anti-fog and has UV protection with a scratch resistant cover. However, some riders have noted that their shield has scratched in a few places – but this is a simple item that can be replaced without tools in a few seconds.  The inner lining is removable and washable, and as it is made of Dri-Lex, which aims to prevent allergies and the growth of any bacteria. The visor has a quick release mechanism and is supported by a clever ‘perimetrical visor seal’. In simple terms, the visor edge is coupled with a visor profile (ridge) along the visors length and sides. A good overall, affordable and stylish helmet.


  • Great price – good bang for your buck
  • The Diesel design makes for a good looking helmet
  • Lightweight and balanced
  • Ventilation is excellent and works well
  • Good shield
  • Rating 4.5 / 5


  • The sizing runs small – be sure to try the helmet on before purchasing it
  • Not a lot of room under the shield if you wear glasses
  • It can get noisy on long rides
  • It has been criticised for squeezing the ears after a few hours on the road – more space recommended inside – especially if want to include a comms system

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