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994871_10151644529473451_1504889943_nWelcome to Best Motorcycle Helmet Guide.

I have been a huge motorcycling enthusiast ever since I could hold up my pops bike, kick it into gear and take it down one of the back roads for a ride.

I have been riding for over 20 years now and although I have many stories to tell, the one most relevant to the starting of this site occurred in Rochester, Minnesota.

A few years back, I found myself on the wrong end of a nasty accident which involved a garbage truck being on the wrong side of the road in the early morning hours.

As I rounded a corner one early Winter morning on my way to work, a obviously very tired garbage driver had forgotten to check his review mirrors as he decided to perform a U-turn right in the middle of a road junction.

I turned the corner and found myself directly in the pathway of large and moving truck. It took me a split second to work out that i needed to get out of his way because I was the only one out of the 2 of us that had the mobility to quickly change my path.

My trusty ducati got me up on that footpath narrowly missing a few obstacles and sliding for what seemed like an eternity until coming to rest on the corner curb. To this very day, I know had it not been for my Arai RX-Q helmet, I am sure I wouldn’t be here to tell the tale.

One broken leg later, a few nasty scrapes, and in need of a new helmet, I found a great sense of gratitude for my life and the gear that saved it. Born out of that experience is my website www.BestMotorcycleHelmetGuide.net and it has been a passionate hobby of mine ever since.

To this very day, although I have been through a few ‘lids’ and no doubt, will wear a few more over the rest of my life, my all time favorite helmet is still the Arai RX-Q. Apart from the obvious appreciation of this helmet, it still remains one of the most comfortable ones I have ever had.

You will find a review of the Arai RX-Q and many more as I divided up the helmets in the classes which made most sense to me. I included helmets that I, and my friends have road tested plus some of the newer ones on the market. I must also admit, that I’m in the fortunate position having a cousin that owns a motorcycle gear shop.

From time to time, after a bit of badgering, I get to trial a new helmet for a weekend and give him my views on it. It is a real treat to ride with a new Shoei one day and then a Schuberth the next day. I’ve just got to work on my cousin getting a few bikes into his shop, and persuade him that it is a GOOD IDEA for me to road test them too!

So I hope you find this website a good place to get quality and real information about motorcycle helmets. I know that most riders on here are from the USA, so I have focused on helmets that are DOT, ECE and Snell certified. Other countries will have different regulations when it comes to their motorcycle helmet legislation and laws. If you are from another country, it’s best you check in with your own motorcycle legislation and road laws to determine what standards and certification is required for your motorcycle helmets.

Thanks for checking out my site, and if you have any questions or recommendations for the site, Contact Me here.

Drop us a line, it’d be great to hear from you!